Casio FZ-1 8 voice digital sampling synthesizer with 1 Mb onboard memory expandable to 2 Mb. This machine is not only sampler but also powerful synthesizer which could use either samples, additive synthesis (48 harmonics) or direct wave drawing (or redrawing samples or preset waves (SAW-TOOTH,SQUARE,PULSE,DOUBLE SIN,SAW-PULSE,RANDOM)). These raw waves go to the standard subtractive synthesizer circuits as a DCF (with resonance which sometimes sounds like a distortion), DCA and LFO (SIN,SAW UP,SAW DOWN,TRIANGLE,SQUARE,RANDOM). Casio has quite large graphic backlit LCD (96 x 64 dots) which is ideal for wave drawing, making loops, for 8-segment envelopes, etc. My FZ-1 was made in 1987 !! The greatest disadvantage of this machine is its incredible weight 17,5 kg.
Casio FZ-1

Keyboard 61 key, Velocity and Aftertouch sensitive

Polyphony 8-note

Voices 64

Banks 8 (64 areas per bank)

Sampling resolution 16 bit

Sampling rates 36/18/9 kHz

Max. Sampling times (standard memory) 14.5/29.1/58.2 seconds

Max. Sampling times (with expansion) 29.1/58.2/116.5 seconds

External memory 3.5" floppy disc (2 HD - 1.6 Mb)

Source select Sampling, wave synthesis, mix write, cross-mix write, reverse write

Voice edit
Define voice, truncate, DCA envelope (8-segment), DCF envelope (8-segment), loop set (8 loops/voice), LFO set, velocity sensitivity, tune/memory read, keyboard set, dump voice, copy voice, delete voice, replace voice

Bank edit
Define bank, area no./voice no., original, highest, lowest, max. touch, min. touch area level, MIDI channel, output channel, dump bank, copz bank, delete bank, replace bank

Effect/MIDI Bend range, modulation wheel, aftertouch, foor VR, MIDI function, dump effect

Data dump Full dump, bank dump, voice dump, effect dump, select device, format disk

Cursor keys, value keys, value slider, ten-key pad, enter key, escape key, display key, tune key, transpose key, call/set menu key, play key, modify key, volume slider, sampling level slider

Wheels Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel

Line Out 1-8 (output impedance 1K, output voltage max 0,3V RMS)
Mix Out (output impedance 1K, output voltage max 2,4V RMS)
Mic In (input impedance 10K, input sensitivity 4mV)
Line In (input impedance 100K, input sensitivity 100 mV)
Headphones, foot switch, foor VF, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, expansion memory slot, external port

Dump device Floppy disk, MIDI port

Display 96 x 64 dot graphic liquid crystal display (backlit), 16 character x 8 lines

Power AC 220V

Power consumption 39W

Dimensions 1036(W) x 325(D) x 120(H)mm

Weight 17.5 kg

Accessories floppy sound disk x 2, power cord, plug cord set, dust cover

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142 disks in fz format
FZ Dump utility for Windows and FZ samplers (transfer FZ sounds, Wavs, Aiffs etc. via MIDI)

FZ Sounds
MOOG BASS COLLECTION - 40 looped samples of Moog bass sounds in fz format. Just send this file into your FZ set the MOD WHEEL DCF LEVEL=127 and LFO OSC=0. I donīt use resonance of Casioīs DCF because itīs everything but the Moog... Feel free to use this collection in your tracks (would be nice of you to put the link of my page on your webpage).

Casio FZ-10M/20M Casio also produced rack version called FZ-10M which has 2 Mb RAM, ballanced outputs and some little OS improvements and FZ-20M which is FZ-10M with SCSI interface for connecting external devices.
Casio FZ-1

Famous Fingers Underworld, Karlheinz Stockhausen