YAMAHA DX-5 - Dual programmable 6-operator 32-algorithm digital FM tone generators
- Independent 8-parameter envelope generator for each operator
- 32-voice x 2 internal RAM memory
- 64 internal RAM performance memories, each storing a combination of voices and performance functions
- Dual cartridge slots for ROM cartridges containing 64 voices or user-programmable 32-voice (made by Yamaha) or 32-128 voice (made by third party companies) RAM cartridges Programmable 6-operator 32-algorithm digital FM tone generator. ROM or RAM cartridges storing data for the 64 performance memory locations can also be used
- Independent audio outputs for each tone generator channel
- Single, Dual, and Split play modes
- 76 keys with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity
- 32-note polyphonic output in single mode
- Sustain footswitch, portamento footswitch, volume and modulation controllers, and breath controller inputs.
- MIDI IN/OUT/THRU terminals
- MIDI send and receive channels independently programmable for each tone generator channel
Yamaha DX-5