KORG EX-8000 8 voice, programmable synthesizer module, rack version of DW-8000 keyboard. This device has pretty fat bass sounds (especially square jungle basses and "wet" saw basses with resonance), very good hammonds also especially in basses, nice el. pianos, el. drums with high resonance level, metallic sounds and one of the best bright saw analogue strings. This is not pad synth (as JX-8P) but some pads sounds quite good. The sound editing is simillar to the Alpha Junos - analogue synthesizer with one knob. The editing is easy nad fast. The Sys-ex edit is also supported.


Polyphony 8 voice

OSC 1 Octave (16, 8, 4), Waveform (1-16), Level Adjustment

OSC 2 Octave (16, 8, 4), Waveform (1-16), Interval (Unison, Minor 3rd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th), Detune (25 cents max), Level adjustment

Auto Bend Select (OFF, OSC1, OSC2, Both), Mode (UP/DOWN), Time, Intensity

Noise Level adjustment (white noise)

VCF Cutoff frequency, Resonance (up to self-oscilation), Keyboard track (0, 1/4, 1/2, 1), EG polarity, EG intensity

VCF EG Attack time, Decay time, Breakpoint level, Slope time, Sustain level, Release time, Velocity sensitivity

VCA EG Attack time, Decay time, Breakpoint level, Slope time, Sustain level, Release time, Velocity sensitivity

MG Waveform (triangle, saw up, saw down, square), Frequency, Delay time, OSC intensity, VCF intensity

Bend Max. OSC bend (+- 1 octave), VCF bend ON/OFF
Portamento Portamento time
Digital Delay Time (approx. 4 - 512ms), Factor (x0,5 - 1,0), Feedback level, Modulation frequency (max. 9 Hz), Modulation intensity, Effect level

After touch OSC MG, VCF, VCA

Key assign mode Poly 1, Poly 2, Unison 1, Unison 2

MIDI Receive channel (1-16), Enable (Note data/all), Omni (ON/OFF), Arpeggio clock, Key window bottom, Key window top, MIDI data transfer

Tune +-50 cents, tone switch

Display 3 x LED, Program number, Parameter number, Parameter value

Tape interface Load, Save, Verify, Cancel

Outputs Output (R,L/Mono, HIGH/LOW), Phones

MIDI terminals IN/OUT/THRU

Weight 7.5 kg

Dimensions 430(W) x 412,5(D) x 90(H) mm

DW/EX Editor Librarian with many links, technical help, information on operating systems, sounds, etc.


KORG DW-8000 DW-8000 is a keyboard version of EX-8000 with arpeggiator. Keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive. I expect my rack will have bigger brother at home soon...
Casio FZ-1


KORG MEX-8000 Memory expander MEX-8000 is designed for DW/EX-8000/6000, Poly-800, Poly-800/II, EX-800 and DVP-1. Stores up to four patch banks. Separate MIDI terminals for data transfer (IN/OUT) and for MIDI notes (IN/THRU). Operates with 3x 1,5 volt size batteries or external 9V DC adapter.
Casio FZ-1