KAWAI G-mega Multitimbral General MIDI synthesizer module, rack version of K-11. There is also a white version without display, called G-Mega LX which have the same features as the black (editing of patches is possible only with computer editor).


Polyphony 32-64 (depends on number of sources used within the patch)

Samples 256 PCM

MIDI 32 part multitimbral (2 x MIDI IN, OUT terminals)

Display Backlite LCD 2x16 characters

Memory 2 x 128 factory presets, 1 x 128 user definable patches

Outputs Output (R,L/Mono - Cinch), Phones

Synthesizer Fully equiped synthesizer engine. DCA, DCF with resonance, LFO, etc. Microtonality. G-mega has amazingly enough parameters to adjust the sound of PCM samples. Editing is easy and intuitive. Despite of quite a lot of parameters the sound itself is boring, the noise level is high and in multitimbral settings you can not distinguish particular sounds - everthing melts together (typical Rolandīs dissease). There is nothing special G-mega is able to perform - it is a lower average budget synth.


KAWAI K-11 Keyboard version. As a real budget synth K-11 has the same design as its predecessor K-1. The only difference is a jog wheel instead of that strange joystick on K-1. By the way the picture is K-1 II I did not find the picture of K-11 yet (I am too lazy)