ROLAND Alpha Juno-1 49 keys, 6 voice Rolandīs answer to Yamaha DX-7 from 1984. Juno has subtractive hybrid synthesis consists of 3 oscillators (Saw, Square, Noise) and one suboscilator (square) per voice. They are all digitally controlled. Filters (LPF,HPF with resonance, no self-oscillating) and envelopes are voltage controlled. The only difference between Juno 1 and Juno 2 is the keyboard. Juno 2 - 5 octave, velocity and preasure sensitive semi-weighted whereas Juno 1 - 4 octave no sensitivity and weight. You can find also cartridge slot on JU-2 and tape interface on JU-1. Although Juno has all usual parameters as an average analogue synth and also the sound is analogue there is only one controller on the panel - the alpha dial. User could operate all parameters via this dial digitally. A hardware programmer for Junos PG-300 was also supported (pretty expensive and hard to buy nowdays). Juno has obviously Roland joystick. There are also chord memory, portamento and transpose buttons on the panel. Juno is equipped with a stereophonic chorus. Full MIDI implementation including SYS-EX makes the Juno very powerful machine. The sound is thanks to filter very mellow. You can produce very nice pads with extremely long envelopes and also pretty fat bass.

Polyphony 6 voice

DCO wavefor.gif 4 oscillators (pulse, saw, sub-osc, noise), PWM

VCF LPF with resonance, HPF, Envelope level, Envelope type, LFO modulation, keyboard tracking, aftertouch sensitivity

VCA Level, VCA type, Aftertouch sensitivity, 4 segemnt envelope generator (used for VCF and VCA)

Chorus ON/OFF, Rate, LFO rate, LFO delay

Memory 8 banks x 8 sounds = 64 memory spaces

Display 2 x 16 character, blue backlit display

Tape interface Load, Save, Verify, Cancel

Outputs Output (R,L/Mono], Phones

MIDI terminals IN/OUT/THRU

Weight 5.4 kg

Dimensions 802(W) x 240(D) x 79(H) mm

Programmer pg300.gifPG-300, same for all Alpha Juno clones

There is nothing better than Alpha Dial Page

Roland Alpha Juno 2 Juno 2 is almost same synthesizer as Juno 1. The semi-weighted five octave keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive. Juno 2 has slot for memory cartridge (additional 64 patches), volume pedal input and doesnīt have tape interface and foot switch pedal. Dimensions: 972 x 246 x 85 mm, Weight: 7,5 kg Another type of Juno synthesizers are the HS series HS-10 (JU-1) and HS-80 (JU-2). In general it they are JU-1/2 with built in speakers (HS means Home Synthesizer)

Roland MKS-50 Rack version of Alpha Junos.
Casio FZ-1

Famous Fingers The Prodigy, Vince Clark, Fat Boy Slim