KURZWEIL K-2000 S Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology made in USA inside. V.A.S.T. is a DSP based synthesis technology which allows K-2000 users to operate with amazing number of sound parameters to produce "Sound never before imaginable". You can use either internal ROM samples (8 Mb onboard + 8 Mb Orchestral expansion + 8 Mb Contemporary expansion) or 64 Mb RAM samples loaded from FDD or any type of SCSI device (including internal HDD). Thanks to compatibility with Akai, Roland and Ensoniq formats you have the greatest sample library in the World. With its sample board you have a full sampler. The keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive, 3 zones MIDI controller. Program RAM to store patches could be expanded from 120 kb to 760 kb (About 1000 sound onboard. Unfortunately this expansion is still incredibly expensive.) All those features makes the K-200O one of the most powerful machines on the market.

Synthesis V.A.S.T. engine supporting programs 32 layers deep. 60 DSP functions with 31 algorithm.

Polyphony 24 voice (actually a total of 96 oscillators) via V.A.S.T. algorithms, 24 of which are sample playback oscillators and remaining 72 are traditional synth waveform generators.

Multi-timbral 16 channels

Sound ROM 8 Mb (expandable to 24 Mb)

Program RAM 120 kb (expandable to 760 kb)

Sequencer 32-track, full editable, 768 ppq resolution, the interactive sequencer arranger, non-destructive track editing and groove quantiying (30.000 events expandable to 190.000)

Display 240 x 64 backlit graphic display

Max. Sampling time 19 min (with expansion - 8-bit standard 30-pin SIMMs)

Outputs 4 Audio Outs plus Mix Outs (18-bit DACS)

Data ports MIDI IN/OUT/THRU terminals, 25 pin SCSI port

Akai S-700 series, S-900, S-950, S-1000, S-1100, S-3000, Ensoniq EPS and ASR series, Roland S-700 Series, PC Wav, Mac Aiff, reads and writes SMF 0, writes SMF 1

SCSI Devices External HDD, ZIP, CD-ROM, JAZ, internal HDD (capacity depends on the OS version. With my OS 3.18 I had to format my 2 Mb internal Quamtum HDD as a 1 Mb drive)

Internal DSP Very simple DSP. (In my opinion K-2000 doesn´t need any effect - it´s true try to listen one)

Dimensions, weight Keyboard - 10.5/104/34.1 cm, 11.8 kg
Rack - 13/43/35.4 cm, 10 kg

Kurzweil Europe
Kurzweil Launch Pad Page with many links, technical help, information on operating systems, sounds, etc.

KURZWEIL K-2000 VP Kurzweil´s rack variation of K-2000 keyboard.
Kurz K-2000 VP

Famous Fingers Pink Floyd, Jean-Michel Jarre, KMFDM, David Bowie, Joe Zawinul, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Rick Wakeman