KAWAI K-1 II The K1ii was my first real synth. It is an update of cheap and popular Kawai K1 series. It is a wavetable syntheizer but do not expect something like a WaveStation. The K1II has 256 PCM waveforms, 50 of which are from acoustic instruments (since the memory circuits were expensive at that time, the samples are short and quality is lower). You can combine up to four wave shapes to create more fat patches. Unfortunately there is no filter inside. The coolest feature of this machine is a joystick which is used eiter as a data entry or as a real-time mixer for all four sources to produce something like a real-time vector synthesis. The sounds are little bit boring, but you can do some interesting work with looped samples, noise and synth waves. Despite of the K1, the newer K1 II has an on-board reverb effects and a drum set. It is 8 part multitimbral. The K1 II is also available as a rackmount module K1 IIr. If I should buy KAWAI I would prefer K4 which is much better - In my opinion the best KAWAI I ever play (the digital filter is a killing one) and I think I will buy one. Anyway I am very interested in K-5 and K-3 synths too.

Polyphony 8-32 (depends on number of sources used within the patch)

Samples 256 PCM

Keyboard Velocity sensitive

Display Backlite LCD 2x16 characters

MIDI IN,OUT,THRU, 8-part multitimbral

Outputs Output (R,L/Mono), Phones

Memory 64 Internal patches, 16 combi patches (RAM cartridge slot)

KAWAI K-1 IIr Rack version. You can also find another module based on K-1 II synth called K-1 IIm. It is a portable device with joystick and wheels.