Turtle Beach Montego A3DXstream
With advanced features such as high-speed bus-mastering scatter-gather PCI audio interface, Direct sound acceleration, 64 voice wavetable synthesis, Aureal 3D positional audio for realistic gaming effects, and hardware based full/duplex record/playback at full bandwidth is Turtle Beach Montego A3DXstream affordable computer sound card useful for home recordings and MIDI systems. It is tested on Asus P2/B motherboard with Intelīs BX chipset. Unfortunately the card does not work on motherboards with VIA KT7 chipset and some other boards (tested on Tomato and Via PII boards with the same result) since it is a permanent hardware conflict the drivers change will not help. Turtle Beach had recomended me to buy Montego II as a solution which made me pretty upset.

Resolution 18-bit converters

Noise ratio Greater than 92dB

Synthesizer 64 voice wavetable synthesis

Inputs 1 x Stereo Line Input
1 x Mic Input

Outputs 1 x Stereo Output

MIDI terminals IN/OUT/THRU via joystick port and optional cable (not supported)

Accessories Optional S/PDIF Interface
Wavetable synthesizer daughterboard

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