YAMAHA TX-81z - Programmable 4-operator 8-algorithm digital FM tone generator (enhanced 16-bit circuitry)
- Up to 8 different waveforms as an operators, 2 LFO and a Vibrato Generator
- 128-voice internal ROM memory and 32-voice RAM memory, 24-performance memory
- Microtonality - 13 scales (2 user programmable and 11 preset)
- Pan, Single Note Chord, Transposed Delay, Pseudo reverb effects
- Tape interface for saving and loading data
- 8-note polyphony, 2 mono outputs
- 8-multitimbral
- MIDI IN/OUT/THRU terminals
Yamaha TX-81z

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YAMAHA Manual service - Manual for TX-81z as well as for most of FM synths
TX-81z - editing software for 4-op FM yamahas and useful tips for users

Tipz & Trickz Yamaha TX-81z is originally shipped with "Good Morning" greeting. Well it is a kind of stupid joke more than serious greeting. Real musician sleeps in the morning !!! Good afternoon would be more suitable here ... Follow this procedure to change this nonsense:
Step 1: Press and hold the "STORE" button while you power up the TX-81z. Use the "INC" and "DEC" buttons to change the characters and the "CURSOR" buttons to select the characters you wish to change.
Step 2: When finished, press "PARAMETER", "EDIT" or "PLAY" to return back to operation.
The next time you turn on your TX-81z your own message will be displayed.