VERMONA - SYNTHESIZER When I listen this beast for first time I was charmed with its real analogue and raw sound. By the way it is made in Eastern Germany. There is no chip inside only transistors (this is a probably result of its origin). Although the VCF is not too strong and not self-oscillating, sounds very nice and smoothy. Also VCO with pretty good saw and square oscillator waveforms makes the machine really powerful synth. The greatest weakness of this synthesizer is the keyboard which is quite hard to play and the sound is sometimes detuned due its bad construction quality. It´s made of wood and metal, knobs are plastic, (detail picture) some parts are covered with synthetic leather. It´s not as heavy as it looks (without original case).

Keyboard 44 keys, no velocity or aftertouch sensitivity, pretty hard to play

Narrow square,Square,Saw,Noise
Octave (2´,4´,8´,16´,32´) - Pitch

Narrow square,Square,Saw,Off
Octave (2´,4´,8´,16´,32´) - Pitch


Brilliance,Cut-off,Resonance (no self-oscillation),Contour

VCF Presets




VCA Presets



Speed,VCF modulation (depth),Delay (ON/OFF)


Glide (portamento time),Glide (ON/OFF)


Detune oscillators,Master tune,Fine tune


Pitch bend wheel,Modulation Wheel,Foot controller


Line Out,Headphones Out
Foot controller input


AC 220V

Power consumption 10W

A complete overview on Vermona´s production made by German fans - German version only
Vermona Engineering - official homepage - it is a real resurrection


Bass loop without resonance
Bass loop - the same one with resonance and some filter adjusting
Bass with VCF modulated by LFO
Bass with resonance VCF modulated by LFO
Bass 5 with VCF modulated by LFO more cut-off
Legato synth 1

Legato synth 2
Noise syth
Pad 1 - detuned oscialtors and VCF LFO modulated
Pad 2 - mellow one
Tones 1 - cut off + resonance
Tones 2

Tones 3
Tones 4
Tones 5
Tuned 1 - High SAW VCO 2 - detune
Tuned 2 - High SAW VCO 2 - detune
Tuned 3 - High SAW detune VCF LFO modulation

VCF LFO Modulation 1
VCF LFO Modulation 2
Warp Bass 1 SAW
Warp Bass 2 SQUARE
Warp Bass 3 SQUARE less cut off
Warp Bass 4 - more cut off