ROLAND XP-50 64 voice, expandable workstation based on the same synthesizer as a JV-1080. 640 internal patches, 96 performances, 10 drum sets. 3 independent effect processors (reverb, chorus, EFX - 40 effects). 16-multitimbral, 16-track sequencer, 3,5´floppy disc drive. 5 octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard. Real Time Phrase synthesizer. 16 Mb samples in ROM plus 4 slots for expansion boards for a total 80 Mb. Very powerful synthesizer with many cool features as 2 LFOs syncable to the MIDI clock, delays syncable to the MIDI, TVF, TVA, Pitch envelope, analogue feel parameter, 10 algorithms for wave, filters, ring modulator, booster and amplifer combinations. 2 sliders and new type of joystick for realtime control.

Synthesizer Keyboard: 61-key, velocity and aftertouch sensitive
Maximum Polyphony: 64 voicesNumber of Multitimbral Parts: 16
Memory Capacity Performances: Internal 64, User 32
Memory Capacity Patches: Internal 512, User 128
Memory Capacity Rhythm Sets: Internal 8, User 2
System Common Effects: Chorus, Reverb (8 types)
EFX: 40

Sequencer Data Storage: 3.5" Micro Floppy Disk (MF-2DD/2HD)
Data Format: MRC Pro, Standard MIDI File (Format 0/1)
convert load MRC (for MC-500/300/50/50mkII)
Tracks: 16 Phase Tracks (16 MIDI Channels per Track)
+ 1 Tempo Track, 100 Pattern Tracks
Resolution: 96 clocks per quater note
Internal Memory: 20,000 notes
External MFD: 99 Songs or 180,000 notes per disk
Max. Length of Song: 9998 measures

Others Display: 40 characters X 2 lines backlit LCD
Connectors: Output (L(Mono)/R), Hold, Pedal 1/2, Phones,
Dimensions: 1023(W) x 348(D) x 97(H) mm (41" x 14" x 4")
Weight: 9.3kg (20 lbs 9 oz)

Expansion Boards POP Expansion Board (SR-JV80-01)
ORCHESTRAL Expansion Board (SR-JV80-02)
PIANO Expansion Board (SR-JV80-03)
VINTAGE SYNTH Expansion Board (SR-JV80-04)
WORLD Expansion Board (SR-JV80-05)
DANCE Expansion Board (SR-JV80-06)
SUPER SOUND SET Expansion Board (SR-JV80-07)
KEYBOARDS OF THE 60's & 70's Expansion Board (SR-JV80-08)
SESSION Expansion Board (SR-JV80-09)
BASS AND DRUM Expansion Board (SR-JV80-10)
TECHNO COLLECTION Expansion Board (SR-JV80-11)
HIP HOP Expansion Board (SR-JV80-12)
VOCAL COLLECTION Expansion Board (SR-JV80-13)
ASIAN Expansion Board (SR-JV80-14)
EXPERIENCE 2 Expansion Board (SR-JV80-98)
EXPERIENCE Expansion Board (SR-JV80-99)

Roland JV-1080 Rack version with more outputs (necessary for serious work). Roland also produces many other machines with the same synthesizer engine - XP-80 (better larger keyboard, larger display, more sliders, arpeggiator, more outputs,...), XP-60 (better keyboard - same quality as XP-80, arpeggiator, more sliders, larger display), XP-30 (no sequencer, better keyboard, more sliders, arpeggiator, some expansion board already installed), JV-2080 (larger display, 8 expansion slots...), JV-1010 (budget half rack JV-1080 editable with computer, one expansion board mounted, only one expansion board could be added)
Casio FZ-1