The dog Coton de Tulear was given its name "Coton" thanks to its unique coat "coton = similar to cotton" and "Tulear" according to the port in a shopping centre in Madagascar, Tulear. Coton used to be the dog of exclusively royal aristocrats. Nowadays it is a sociable breed popular especially in France. Coton de Tulear officially comes from Madagascar, not until 1970 it was acknowledged to be a rare pure breed.

Nowadays this uncommon, elegant companion is to a limited extend get-at-able outside the legendary country as well. Its long white and dry hair is combed by winds, it is easily kept in good condition, itīs without flue and does not moult (it is suitable even for people suffering from chronic over-sensitiveness).

It is an intelligent undemanding dog easily adaptable to any background, itīs a great companion. An excellent behaviour, inborn intelligence and affection to a human family are the most distinctive features of Cotonīs character. It is a vivid and nimble companion, it hardly gets angry, scarcely ever barks and never bites familiar people.

Its eyes are dark, deep and sparkling, it movements are harmonious and free-and-easy. Itīs not a sort of dog caring to lie on a cushion, it prefers moving (suitable for agility), it is not afraid of any weather. It is very playful and therefore it is a sort of remedy against depressions. It is able to enter into the spirit of its master and it is aware of this power of its. It is tender, sensitive and fond of cuddling.