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Search of possible new functions for a large complex of buildings of a former Jesuit college is very closely related to the overall urbanistic and landscape composition / vision of Duke of Vallenstein: City of Jicin as a new important political and cultural centre of the Czech Kingdom. The college itself is hardly separable from its framing, composition of important buildings and axis in the city and in the landscape respectively (college, castle, St. James church, gates and fortification, lime-tree alley, barracks, loggia, Libosad deer-field,cartusian monastery (state prison now) in Valdice, ponds, Cidlina river, hills with baroque chapels, rocks and surrounding landscape. On the contrary, it gives us a possibility to unite these elements and inspire it with a new meaning. Just to mantain the historical forms, even so valuable, seems to be hardly affordable for the contemporary owner - the municipality of Jicin. The original concept goes clearly far beyond the limits of the city with its broadmindedness, scale and importance (also economics). This approach should be the starting point for the thinking about the future of the complex in the national scale, if not pan-european...

For more information see these pages (mostly in czech only): life of the former jesuit college in jicin, jesuit college opened for the first time for public, "kolej v jednom kole" polycultural festival, site-specific workshop "town-landscape", jicin landscape, public action planning for the future of the jesuit college in jicin, phenomenological tour of town of jicin etc. - project is in progress.

revitalization project of former jesuit college in jicin by osamu okamura, jiri vesely, hynek zlatnik, vojta drahonovsky, vlada vik and many others from 1999

supported by the open society fund prague (osf), civic society development foundation (nros) - program gabriel, town of jicin, hradec kralove region and local sponsors