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Alcatel Bosch Philips Ericsson
Motorola Samsung Sony Panasonic
Siemens Sagem Mitsubishi Maxon


Audiovox :        680, 810

. Alcatel One Touch Easy , One Touch Club , One Touch Club PLUS , MAX, DB, i čeština

                            Nyní i Alcatel 301/302/303       

. Bosch  509 - 909

. Dancall HP2711 a ostatní 

. Ericsson 3xx, 6xx, 7xx, T10, T18, T28      upgrade T10  -> T18  

MITSUBISHI:  MT430, 30, Trium, MT140,MT40,MT344,  

     řada 28xx-38xx   (informujte se telefonicky), "véčka",  StarTac, 

. Nokia 1610, 2110, 3110, 5110, 3210, 3310; 7110, 8110, 8850, 8210  (informujte se telefonicky)

. Panasonic G400, G450, G500, G520, G600, GD30, 50,70,90 


. RC/MC 922 též S5-D2, MC 9xx, vč. češtiny    

. S3, S4, S6, S8, S10, C10, E10, C/M/S25-35

. CMD-C1, CMD-C5 mimo ver. 8.5, CMD 1000/2000, Z1


1.AT comands
2.BIN dumps for 3110, 5110, 6110, 6150
3.Cables - 3 zips
4.Cellular1 -Nokia Cellular Ware Great util for Your carphone
5.Cellular2 - Nokia Cellular Ware Great util for Your carphone
6.Clear SP Lock
7.Convertors: .
   -*.ngg to *.bmp
   -*.txt to *.mid
8.Ggezip  -create graphiks in DOS
9.Nokia Database Converter
10.Nokia Cellular Data Suite 1.2
11.Nokia Cellular Data Suite 1.2a
12.Nokia Cellular Data Suite 2.0     with full unofficial install-info
13.Multi v.9.02
14.Nokia Phone Info v1.00b
15.Nmpsuite.mdm; Nokiasu.mdm; Nokiasuit1.mdm.
16.TESLA241.DLL drivers
17.Cool BMPs and GIFs for startup logo
18.Monitor Modus for windows 95
19.SP lock code Generator Ver.6.6
20.Eeprom LUDIPIPO 1.0 program for the programer Nokia
21.GroupGraphicEditor11 + crack
22.Icon611x - Icon Editor for Nokia
23.Icon6110 - icon changer
24.Logos - full zip
25.Monitor Modus
27.Icons full zip
28.nokiaprogrammer.zip  - give security code for your Nokia
29.Nokia 51xx/61xx imei change Ver1.10
30.Nokia PC Composer
31.Operator Logo Uploader + crack
32.Nokia PC Calendar 1.0
33.Raluka + crack  -Raluka SP-Lock Remover for 51xx/61xx
35.Ring Ringtone composer by Jan Ole
36.TDK Mobile Global Pulse 1.5
37.WinLock 1.10+ crack  -WinLock SP-Locks #1 and #4 in 51xx/61xx
39.WinTesla 5.38 + crack
40.WinTesla help
42.Hidden Menus
43.Operator Code
44.Undocumented 6110 Codes.htm
45.SimEdit -Compelson Laboratories' SIMedit! 2.0
46.IRsetup -Infrared Setup (Corrected Version)
47.G N O K I I -Linux/Unix tool suite v 0.2.4
48.MasterKey Nokia 51xx/61xx (dump of Eeprom)
49.WinTesla 4.03 (without Crack))
50.Wintesla6.03+crack+DK2 DESkey Drivers v.4.03
51.Nokia Startup Logo Editor v.1.0rc15 + crack
52.Operator Field Test Display - 6110/5110, 6130/5130, 6150, 8810
53.Data Card Analyzer.
54.NHE_4 GSM..
55.NSE/K - 13 WinTesla DLL Installer v1.75.50.
56.SIM SCAN v1.00 (April 16 1998).
57.SP - Lock CODE Generator ver.6.6.
58.New logos created by DARYL from Australia.
Nokia FPS-3 Control Program Ver: 0.5
Nokia FPS-4 Flash Pommer Ver:1.5
Nokia NSE-1 Flash Ver: 5.04
Nokia NSE-3 Flash Ver: 4.06
Nokia NSE-3 Flash Ver: 5.24
Nokia NSE-3 Flash Ver: 5.31
WinTesla DLL NHA3 Ver: 2.0 for ETACS
WinTesla DLL NHX4 Ver: 1.0
WinTesla DLL NSEK3 Ver: 1.52
WinTesla DLL NSEK3 Ver: 1.75.50
WinTesla DLL NSEK13 Ver: 1.80.00
WinTesla DLL NH134 Ver: 2.0
WinTesla DLL NH134 Ver: 3.0
WinTesla DLL NHEK56 Ver: 1.90
WinTesla DLL NHEK89 Ver: 2.00
WinTesla DLL NHEK5689 Ver: 2.0
WinTesla DLL NHEK5689 Ver: 2.2
WinTesla DLL NHEK5689 Ver: 2.9
WinTesla DLL NHEK5689 Ver: 3.0
WinTesla DLL NHEK5689 Ver: 2.0
WinTesla DLL TFEK1 Ver: 1.8
WinTesla DLL NM2 Ver: 1.21
WinTesla DLL NSBEKM136 Ver:2.05.00
WinTesla NSBEKM136 AMS/MTC DLL Ver: 02.41.00
WinTesla NSBEKM136 AMS/MTC DLL Ver: 02.51.00
WinTesla NSE8/9 AMS/MTC DLL Ver241.03.00
WinTesla RPE1 AS MTC SW DLLS Ver 1.72.20
59.Pclocals v1.3 - activate NetMonitor, change IMEI for N51xx,61xxu via FBUS / M2BUS
59.WinLock 1.22
60.NetMonitor 3210 text file
61.Logo Manager + crack
62.OP Nokia X-Graphic Browser - crack need
63.5110_510 - HEX.
64.NHEK5689 Ver 2.9 DLL Cracked.zip
65.  NHX4 Ver 1.0 DLL Cracked .zip
66.NLogo Express
67.Nokia Logo Express v1.0b1
68.NSBEKM136 Ver 02.51.00 DLL Cracked
69.NSE-8/9 AMS MTC WinTesla DLL for Nokia 3210
70.Nokia NetMonitor Activator/Deactivator v1.1
71.Nokia Commander v.2.0
72.Phone Manager v.1.3and 1.4.
73.NolBin (Operator logo and Group graphics ) by James Bond 1999
76.SP Lock Remover for Nokia 51xx,6110 ver.5.22, 5.24, 5.31..
77.Win Tesla Label Printing Module Install v.1.51....
78.Nokia FPS-4 Flash Promer User Interface ver.2.05
79.COnvertor - converts GIF files into *.nol - format
80.HAGENUK A2.4 version
81.Unlocking 3210s - method by X-Shadow -3 txt and 1 doc files -30.7KB
82.Nokia TDB4 TDF4 - TDB4 for Winlock & TDF4 Security Box Info
83.FPS-3 Control Program v.07for NHE-1XN/NHE-3XN/NXK-3XN<8m> DOS
84.FPS -4 Flash Prommer User interface v2.05 DOS
85.Propic 2 + serial nomber
86.Contacts Convertor v.1.01 by Compro Engineering Company WIN
87.Scripts for unlock v.4.11; 4.26; 4.36; 5.11; 5.20; 5.24; 5.26 516110 - 6 scripts and 1 *.exe - -work 100%
88.WinTesla AS/MTC DLLL Installer v.1.41.00 for NSB-1, NSB-3, NSK-1, NSE-3,NSE-6 and NSM-1 Nokia Mobile Phones
89.Nokia Service Driver Pack Installer 01.10.00
90.Tones for 3210
91.Info for Lock 1,3,4
92.Logos and tones new 1999 collection
93.Nokia 5110 ver.5.20 Unlocker by VirtualM
94.Net Monitor NEW ver.0.1.4 M2BUS
95.Nokia Security Code reader
96.NSE13 crack
97.NOKIA NSE-series SIM LOCK remover V9.32
98.Nokia Smart Messaging Agent v.0.8ß - serial need
99.Raluka 2.10+SP Unlocker for 51xx 61xx
100.Nokia SP Unlocker(R) version 1.0Copyright (C) 1997-1999 Gsm Now Solutions, S.A.(www.gsm-now.com) CRACKED
101.WinTesla 6.10
102.WinTesla *.doc file WinTeslaDLL_crack
103.Unlocking scripts for 3210 v.4.02, 4.74 and 5.02 - fake i think
104.Wintesla - 6.03 pack - cracked - WinTesla 6.03 PACK - (with Crack) ALL in ONE !
105.Wintesla - 5.31 pack - cracked - WinTesla 5.31 PACK - (with Crack) ALL in ONE !
106.Cable shemes for 3210 - max232,max3232,prods,3210 -full info
107.New NetMonitor activater Ver. (beta) 22.09.1999 by Andreas Schmidt
108.Crack for LogoManager V1.0 Beta 6
109.3210. all locks unlocker... by New Hacker of IST this is A&STK... WIN
110.8810 Serviz Unlock software v. by Remaind Systems 1999 WIN
111.6110 Unlock lock 1&4 ver5.40 by VirtualM Romania WIN
112.3210 ver 4.41 unlocker 1&4 by New Hacker of IST this is A&STK...WIN
113.5110 ver 5.20 unlocker 1&4 v.1.0.0 by Angelo and VirtualM WIN
114. 3210 ver 4.02 unlocker 1&4 by New Hacker of IST this is A&STK...WIN
115. 6110 SP Lock clear by Zulea
116.Info Reader via M2BUS for Nokia 51/6110 by Anok  1999
117.NSE-1,3,8 SP-Unlock program ver.6.0 (5110-v.5.20,5.22; 6110- v.5.40; 3210-v.3.00,3.10,4.02,4.41) WORK 100%
118. 3210 Unlocker - By DyMp  <Mister GSM club member> ??? may be fake
119. NEW Nsek13.dll (596kb) + Nsek13en.dll (456kb)
120.Group Graphic Painter Version 1.000 vom 30.09.1999 by.Dipl.-Ing. A.Schmidt
121.Nokia Commander v.2.3 by bubble
122. NEW Nsek13en.dll (568kb) + Nsek13.dll(759kb)
123. Nokia 9110 Communicator Sever
124.Phone Booked -chinesse interface ;-(
125.Crack for Logo Manager v.1.0 beta 6a
127.Nokia Data Suite 3.0
128. 6150 ver.5.17 1&4 by VirtualM
129.DK2 DESkey Drivers v.4.36
130.NOL View 1.0.0 (c)99 by Michael Milawski 131.NSE8/9 -3210 cracked by Misiek
132. Nokia v.5.2x Unlocker.pt (v.5.20, 5.21, 5.2x) by Smoother
133. PIC Emulator 5110, 6110 cable by VirtualM
134.v.5.47 script send.exe
135.MIDI Converter v1.1 (Released 21 OCT 1999 by GFX) for 3210
136.Big 5 to Unicode Converter for Nokia phones by Compo Engineering Company
137.Nokia 3210 (4.41,4.01) SP-Unlock Software v.6.24 by Dimitar Donev +
SP-Unlock SOftware v.5.04 (6110/5.40) by Dimiter Donev +
3210 SP-Unlocker v.5.06 by Dimitar DOnev
138.Nokia 3210 ver.4.41 Unlocker by New hacker from Istanbul WIN
139.Wintesla 6.10 crack
140.6110 ver.5.47 Unlocker 1&4 by VirtualM WIN
141.6150 ver.5.10 unlocker 1&4 by VirtualM WIN
142.Group-Graphic-Painter 1999 Dipl-ing A-Schmidt WIN
143.N-Monitor v.1.006 1999 Dipl-ing A-Schmidt WIN
144.Ola-sp.EXE NSE1 Unlock program v.0.1 by Zulea
145.Nokia 3210(ver.4.41 i 4.02) SP-Unlocker ver. 6.50 by Dimitar Donev (14.november.1999)WORK 100%
146. 3210 ver.4.43 unlocker 1&4 by New hacker from Istanbul WIN
147. Nokia 5110 ver.5.24 by VirtualM WIN
148.Nokia 6150 ver.5.16 unlocker 1&4 by VirtualM WIN
149.Nokia 6150 ver.5.17 unlocker 1&4 by VirtualM WIN
150.Nokia NHE-1 RS232 Loader v.1.0
151.Lock 2 MANUAL removing (photo included)
152.3210 how to make cable -8 photos
153.153.Nokia 5110 ver5.22 unlocker 1&4 by VirtualM
154. 3210 ver.4.65 unlocker by New hacker from Istanbul WIN
155.Nokia Ring-Converter by Dpeddi + source code WIN
156.Nokring RTTTL to Nokia 3210 Converter v.1.1
157.Nokia 5110 v5.20 All Locks Solution on Pic
158. Nokia nova 5110 ver.5.24 SP-Unlock software v.1.00 by Dimitar Donev 28.november.1999 - with bug
159.6150 ver.5.20 unlocker 1&4 by VirtualM
160.3210 SP-Unlock software v.6.52 by Dimiter Donev 22.11.99
161.Nokia NetMagic V1.0b (NetMonitor Activator for NOKIA 51/6110, 3210)
162.Nokia 3210 v.04.65 unlocker by SEA
164.Nokia NSE 1,3,8 SP Unlock program v.6.6 by Zulea
165.Nokia Ola Sp 2.0 by Zulea

166.Nokia Unlocker for 5110/5.24 and 6110/5.47 by Arbil and Fredder
167.NSE 8 crack
168.Nokia IMEI PW Calc v2.1 NSE14
169.(117+!).NSE-1,3,8 SP-Unlock program ver.6.0 !!! but + 3210/4.43 !!!
170.(117+!).NSE-1,3,8 SP-Unlock program ver.6.0 !!! but + 3210/4.81 !!!
171.NSE Unlocker by Neo Tam Chik ver.1.0 (5110/5.22; 3210/4.43,4.65; 6150/5.10,5.17,5.20)
172.Ola-SP Unlocker By zulea RO ver.2.0 - !!! REAL !!!
173.Nokia 5110 v5.23 Unlock Solution by VirtualM & Angello
173.3210 suport for Wintesla and winlock.txt
174.Nokia 3210 ver4.65 unlocker 1&4 by Angelo & VirtualM
175.Nokia 3210 unlocker ver1.0b for ver 4.41, 4.43 by Jarecki
176.N5110 v5.23 registers files
177.Tone Key 3210 ver.1.01 by MicDabel
178.Nokia FPS-4 (flasher) Prommer User Interface Ver.2.22 1999
179.Nokia Net Monitor activator ver.2.0b for Nokia 3210,51x0,61x0 by Jarecki ->Windows
180.Nokia NSE -1,3,8 SP Unlock program v7.0 by Zulea
181.Wintesla 6.02
182.Nokia Xmas Unlocker v.1.0 by Smoother for 5110/5.24
183.Nokia Universal SP Unlock software v.6.60 by Dimitar Donev BG 18.12.99 --->unlock 5110/5.22,5.23; 3210/4.02,4.41,4.43,4.65; 6150/5.10,5.13,5.17,5.20 - working 100 % (SHOT)
184.Nokia NSE-1,3,8 SP-Unlock program v6.0 by E M F
185.Flash MCU NSE-1 Nokia 5110 Ver 5.24 i 05.24
187.NSE -1,3,8 SP Unlock program v6.1 by Zulea
188.NSE Unlocker by Zoio
189.Wintesla 603+Crack
190.Universal Nokia IMEI changer ver.1.0 - Windows95
191.3210 4.02 Lock 2 PIC.hex
192.3210 4.10 Lock 2 PIC.hex
193.Nokia NSE -1,3,8 SP Unlock program v7.0 by Zulea, but with 3210/4.47
194.Flash MCU NSE-8 Nokia 3210 Ver 5.01.exe(5.16MB) -require TDB4
195.Flash MCU NSE-5 Nokia 7110 Ver 4.69.exe (7 MB) -require TDB4
196.Nokia 11 GID1 Codes - France.txt
197.GSM-SP Unlocker by GSM.NOKIA (5110/5.22;3210/4.43/4.65;6150/5.10/5.17/5.20)
198.Nokia NSE-1,6 unlocker for level1,4 by Zulea (5110/5.24; 3210/4.65)
199. Explorer for Nokia 7110 ver.1.000 by M.Barth 1999
200.Nokia 5110/5.24 solution
201. Nokia 5110 v.5.24 by Mirovan Rosinev (fake???)
202. 6150/5.20 script + send.exe Unlocker
203. Unlocking 5110/5.24 via cable with using script + manual
204.PC Suite for Nokia 8210 - 3.45 MB zip
205.hex files for 3210 include ver.5.01
206.NOKIA 5110, 6110, 6150, 8810, 9110 eeprom memory map v1.0 by x_Fil!
207.5110 Lock 1,2,3,4 remover - new, but i don not know for what versions work this
208. Nokia NSE-6 SP Unlock program v.1.0 3210 ver.5.02 unlocker by Zulea
209. 5130 ver.5.00 hex file
210. Nokia 7110 Unlocker Lock 1&4 by Chacal - via cable!
211. Nokia 8810i v. by Remaind Systems
212.Crack for Nokia Data Suite 3.0 by Hcellular
213.NetMagic activator v2.0Xmas edition by GSMagic TEAM
214.Nokia SPUnlocker by KGG (5110/5.22;3210/4.43,4.65;6150/5.10,5.17,5.20)
215.Nokia 3210 RingTone Converter 1.5 (Full)
216.Nokia NSE1,6 5110/5.20; 3210/5.01a by Zulea
217.NSE 1,3,8 ver 6.0 5110/5.20,5.22;6110/5.47; 3210/4.41;4.43;4.65;5.01 by Zulea
218. Nokia 3210/5.02 unlocking with script
219.All Nokia All locks All versions unlocker v.6.60 by D.Donev - 100% work
220.All Nokia All locks All versions unlocker v.5.9 by Virtual Z... - 100% work
221.All Nokia All locks All versions unlocker v.6.0 by GSM-Team.. - 100% work
222.Network Unlock program v.8.0 All Nokia All version All locks by Zulea - 100% work
223.Fast Nokia Reader 1.0 by Bitcoder (imei, version, model etc..)
224.All Nokia All locks All version via script
225.Nokia Allinonline ver.1.2 by Dark Telecom (ver,soft data,model,imei...)
226.Nokia 6110 drivers and system files
227.Nokia All 3210 Unlocker v.2.08 by GSMagic Team
228.Nokia All Locks by NokiaKiller
229.Nokia 8850 Pinouts
230. IR Update
231.Logo Manager file converter
232.Nokia Universal CLIP for All Models
233.Nokia Universal Unlocker all levels by VirtualM
234.Nokia Tool by PRO 235.PcLocals RAE-1 NK-9000I Cracked
236.7110 modem setup
237.Nokia 7110 Unlock program v1.0 by Zulea
238.Dongle (photos)
239.Nokia Allinonline ver.1.6 by Dark Telecom
241. DLR-3 date cable scheme for Nokia 7110
242.7110 Explorer ver 1.007
243.8210 M2BUS
244.Nokia All Nokia Unlocking protocols by Lovelas
245.Logo Manager 1.1 beta crack by the sOURCER
246.Nokia 8210 All Versionn Unlocker 1&4 by Bigbrothrs2000
247.Nokia Data Suite 3.0 Special FILE + FAQ which will enable the N7110
248.What is Wintesla - full user manual
249. Nokia universal unlocker ver.1.0 by ArtC#2000
250.CyberPhreacj ALL Nokia Unlocker 2.0
251.Easy IMEI Changer v1.01 by Montanio ll
252.NSE-8/9 full technical documentation (only for Panasonic B13 via cable)
253. NSE Original IMEI Changer ASM-C by PRO
254. LogoBOX v.3.3 by GSMBOX
255.Nokia Liberator
256.RingBox for 3210 by Tomasz (cool)
257.NSE Vibra Activator ASM-C by PRO
258.Midi to Tone 2.1 by Mikko
259.NSE-1 full technical documentation (exchange only for Sagem 8xx,9xx via cable)
260.NSM-2 full technical documentation (exchange only for Sagem 8xx,9xx via cable)
261.NSM-3 full technical documentation (exchange only for Sagem 8xx,9xx via cable)
262.MBUS for 8210 and 8850
263.Nokia Tool ASM-C by Pro build 033
264.Nokia IrDA Module upgrade for PC 265.PROBLEM SOLUTION LIGHT/Darkness
266.Nokia Eprom Tools (IMEI changer) by Bartek v1.2 
267.NOKIA Tool ASM-C by PRO (build 034) 
268.Nokia 2000 (all models) by Dr.KOZ kompany 2000 
269.All Nokia Net Monitor Activator 
270.NEO's master NOKIA Unlocker
271.Nokia 3210 by Sonic
272.Nokia Unlocker by Sonic(5110/522,3210/4.43/65,6150/5.10/17/20)
273.Nokia 5110 v5.28 solution
274.How to change the IMEI in 5110
275. Service manuals NSM–2 SERIES
276.NHE–5/NHK–5 Technical Documentation
277.Nokia 7110 cracked DLLs for Wintesla 6.03
278.GSM Tools v.1.010
279.Nokia Unlocker v6.0 registered
280.Nokia Network Unlock program v9.0 by Zulea (fake)
281.Operator Name Exchanger for NHX-8/9 v.0.91 by PEB2000
282.More for TDF-4 ,FLA-5, FPS-4.S
283.THF12 WinTesla DLL Instaler

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A  L  C  A  T  E  L

2.SimLock v1.0
3.SP Lock remover v1.0 by Mieczyslaw Kozielsky
4.FCOMP ver.2.0
5.Simlock v.1.0 + password
6.SP Lock code Generetor for 260-02 by apLand
7.Unlocker by Misiek
8.Info for new alcatel.Info about unlocking OTC MAX and OTC Plus
 9.Alcatel Dual Band Unlocker by Zulea WIN
10.New Alcatel -Sim lock w Alcatelu OTV HD5 i OTP HD8 (CVIRT4.EXE)
11.Flash for retrofit (Sim lock w Alcatelu OTV HD5 i OTP HD8)
12.Alcatel SP Lock remover v.1.0 by Mieczyslaw Kozielsky
13. Generator unlock code for Airtel and Movistar network
   MASTER CODE TO RESET ALCATEL DB is: 2 5  2 2 8 3 5 2
15.Alactel HE1 v3.00 solution -*.txt
16.Alcatel OTE-db Cable and PinOut.gif by Misiek
17.Alcatel Dual Band Solution *.txt file
18.TEST SOFTWARE HE1R2 4.23 ALCATEL MOBILE PHONES - 715 files -13.1 MB zip
19.Alcatel OTC/OTM HE1 Sin Lock Remover v.2.2 by JVE -eeprom
20.Alcatel One Touch Club+ V251 by eeprom
21.Alcaclear simlock remover HD1 and HE1 v.1.02 by TERROR
22.Alcatel BE1 service software version 3.0 by Zulea
23.Alcatel BE1 service software version 6.0 by Zulea
24.Alcatel Eas Dual Band schema.gif
25. Alcatel Easy db/ Club db/ Max db interface csheme by Gitman
26.ALcatelOne Touch Easy_password generator
27.Alcatel BE1 service software version 1.0 by Zulea
28.Alcatel - Master by ELKgroup & sPeAr - 2 versions English/Russian
30.Flash file for alcatel hd-5 v 10 4
31.Alcael BE1 Flash Utility ver.6.4 (intel,amd,fujitsu,st) by Zulea
32.Alcatel BE1 service software ver3.1 by Zulea
33. BE1 service software ver.7.2 by Zulea
34.Sim lock remover in Alcatel OTV HD5 i OTP HD8-solution
35.Alcatel DB Series Service Software ver.4.0 by Andromeda GSM Grup
36.Alcatel DB Series Service Software ver.4.1 by Andromeda GSM Grup
37.Pocket unlocked bin
38. Alcatel One Touch Easy DualBand cabel schematics
39. BE1 service software ver.9.3 by Zulea
40.alcatel db 16b solution
41.Alcatel DB Series ver.4.8 by Andromeda
42.BE1 DB languages pack
43.BE1 ALCATEL 16A IPI12 flash
44.HD1 ver203 flash + user manual
45. Andromeda 5.0
46. 16B service software ver.9.3 by Zulea
47. Alcatel DB Unlocker ver.1.0 by GSMHacker
48. Alcatel DB Fucker by Bartek v1.00 beta
49.Serbian language for Alcatel DB v163, 16A and 16B
50.Alcatel BE1 DB Unlocker (c) 2000 by Sch. (162, 163, 167, 16A, 16B)
51.Alcatel DB Reade with Phone Language ver1.0 (work with flash 2Mb)
52.Alcatel DB Write to Phone Language ver1.0 (work with flash 2Mb)
54.Alcatel Secret Menu-Net Monitor in DB
55.Alcatel BE-1 Service Software Ver. 5.4 (c) 2000 ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP - CRACKED 
56.Alcatel DB Fucker by Bartek v.2.0
57.Croatian, Slovenian, ...languages for Alcatel 16A, 16B 16M(2mb and 1 mb)
58.One touch view phones code master code(PROD CODE)
59. New ALL25.exe
60.Never locked flash for Alcatel DB v.16C+ network code
61.Alcatel BE1 service software ver.11.8 by Zulea(16C unlocker)


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1.SP-Unlocker for Bosch COM 608 (dump of Eeprom )
2.Bosch 607 clear-lock 1 -bin file and Bosch 608 eeprom - eep file
  3.Bosch Codes
4.BOSCH-G graphics logo viewer v.1.0 by PEB 1999
5.Programmer - Remover all software locks and can program IMEI v.0.1 by GSMMAN
 6.Bosch Servize Soft TE4000 Ver2.04 + CRACKed
7.Bosh 738 bin
8.Bosch Servize Soft TE4000 Ver 3.0
9.Bosch 509 Unlocker (cable) by Kura Mi Ianko 2.11.1999
10.Bosch 509 PIN-OUT
11.Bosch 509 Pin-out + shematic cable by Misiek
12.Bosch 608 interface by Misiek+ secret dodes
13.Bosch unlocker (509,509,607,608,908,909) ver.2.0 by Victor L.
14.Bosch unlocker (509,509,607,608,908,909) ver.2.0 by SomeOne
15.Bosch Universal Unlocker ver.1.0.0 by VirtualM
16.Bosch pinout + Allbosch.bin
17.Bosch Universal Unlocker by Angelo
18.NEO's Bosch Code Reader v.0.1 (Beta) by Razvan&Dan
19.Pic for Bosch 509
20. Bosch netmonitor *.txt
21.Bosch Universal Unlocker ver.2.0 by VirtualM
22.Bosch pinouts 1999 by RiCK
23.NEO's Bosch Unlocker v.2.1 (Beta) by by Razvan&Dan(photo)
23.Bosch Dual 909s Pin-Out.GIF
24.CyberPhreak NEW BOSCH Universal Unlocker 1.0 100% Working
25. Bosch (new series) Unlocker by Artur
26.DRAG doc for TE 4000
27.All Bosch by PIOTRS v.1.0
28.All Bosch v.1.2 by Piotrs
29.WinBosch v1.0 by Saras
30.Baio all in one unlocker v1.0 for all Bosch phones by Bitcoder- DOS 
31.Bosch New Beta v0.1 by (c) 2000 
32.All Bosch unlocker for win98


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1.Philips Diga Editor by Saras + RTM Loader v.1.0
2.Some background information about EEPROMS
3.DIGA SP - Lock Remover
4.Philips Fizz NCK Code & Lock Code Viewer  by JVE
5.Philips Fizz UNLOCKER v.1.0
6.Philips GENIE SP Clear v.1.0
7.DPMI16BI.OVL + Philips SP-Unlock v.1.0 + Programator for Win95
8.Philips Genie SP Clear v.1.0 by BOBBY GILL
  9.Philips SAVVY Unlocker ver.1.0 by Victor Levunliev
9.Savvy unlocker by serbian hacker v.2.0
10.Philips Spark SP Unlocker
11.Philips SP-Unlock v1.0 by Tomaz Plewa 1999
12.Savvy Unlocker by VirtualM
13.Ilium Unlocker by Serbian Hacker
14.PIC24C13 ver.1.10 8.5.99 by Willem Kloosterhuis
16. Philips Secret codes mix
17.Philips C12 PIC file
18.Philips Savvy DB Unlocker ver.0.62 by ForkLift
19.new solutions for Philips Savvy tcd128_b4 and tcd128_s4 by x_Fil .txt
20.New Genie Unlocked bin solution by BOBBY GILL
21.Savvy V3 Unlocker by Serbian Hacker
22.Unlock info for Philips Savvy with 24C64 or 24C32 eeprom by x-Fil
23.SAVVY Dual Band unlock via eeprom +unlocked bin
24.Genie clear SP Lock v.2.1 by Zulea
25.Savvy DB Unlocker ver.0.75 by Fork Lift
26.All Savvy by x-Fil
27.CyberPhreac NEW Philips GENIE Unlocker
28.Philips savvy ask for PCK solution
29.Genie DB Dump Unlocker ver.1.0 by VALI
30. Savvy new nck-solution via eeprom
31.Spark Unlocker by Vic v1.0
32.ALL_SAVVY_BY_X_FIL_V1_2 (eeprom)
33.All Savvy Dump Unlocker v1.0 by Vali
34.Phillips savvy TCD128-b4 fix permanently blocked phones solution
35.Savvy Unlocker by Vic v2.7 (eeprom)
36.Savvy unlocker by VirtualM (eeprom)
37.Savvy DB Unlocker by Pro$Lord
38.All Savvy by xFil v1.3
39.All Savvy by Lord Nazar
40.Philips Savvy Dumper v1.2 by Bartek 
41.Philips Savvy ver.138/SH solution via eeprom - work 100%
42.Savvy DB ver.164xx by DaysGsm
  43.Savvy Unlocker by Serbian Hacker v.2.0

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1.6xx and 7xx FLASHER software v2.1; 3.0 by Zulea DOS
2.ErTAMP Clear v.1.00.00...1999 by Digitech Electronics WIN
4.ERICSSON GH688/788 MUSICBOX 1.0b3 - Cosmos Software WIN
5.6xx and 7xx EEPROM loader software v.1.0 by Zulea DOS
6.888 EEPROM dump killer by Artur DOS
7.888 Lock code remover by Artur DOS
8.A1018 Unlocker by Serbian Hacker WIN
9.8x8 T18s Unlocker by Serbian Hacker WIN
10.COMMTRAP v1.97 (Beta) WIN
11.Mobile Office Suite 1.0 for 888WIN
12.Ericsson Service(SP Lock cheker) by SSP Electronix WIN
13.Ericsson Mobile Office Suite (EMOS) WIN
14.SCK -Unlocking tool from Poland WIN
15.Show ALL Locks Sofware for 6xx7xx by Mobile Research Online 1999 WIN
16.Unlocking Software ver.1.03a writen by Mieczyslaw Kozielski 1999 WIN
17.688 Memory Map -pdf
18.Home Service Software v.1.2 by Zulea WIN
19.788 Memory Map -doc 20.888 Memory Map -pdf
21.888 SP & UserLock code remover by Artur DOS
22.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Aplications installing Service Software WIN
23.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Aplications installing the Shell WIN
24.Ericsson DECODER ver.1.50 by Victor Levunliev 1999 WIN
25.Flash Programmer for Ericsson 6xx7xx by ANOK DOS
26.Service Software for WIN - need password WIN
27.SCK.exe - NCK Ericsson v.2.2
28.888 EEPROM Dump Killer by ventoinhas
29.Ericsson interface T18s A1018s 8x8 by Misiek
30.GSM programlayici turkish interface WIN
31.6xx 7xx Flasher by MKtech
32.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications installing T18s Flasher
33.GSM 900/1800/1900 FCT Configuration Program COPS for Customer R2A
34.Home Service Software v.1.7 and 1.8 by Zulea WIN
35. A1018s Eeprom Dump
36. 688788 Test Mode
37.Ericsson Universal code Viewer by VirtualM
37. how to activate netmonitor 1and 2.txt in s868
38.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications Installing T1x Service
 39.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications Instaling A1018s Flasher Europe 1
40.A1018s SPCK Cleaner by Serbian Hacker
41.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications Installing T18s Flasher
42. Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications Installing T18s Service
43.A1018--> A10_128.bin + A10_64.bin
44.NEMP v.1.1 Beta 2 (Nogi's Ericsson melody player) 1998 WIN
45.Ericsson Unlocker 6xx/7xx new software with cable - by VirtualM WIN
46.Ericsson 6x8, 7x8 and 8x8 service software v.5.2 by Zulea
47.Ericsson t18s after week 33 Unlocker by Mktech
48.t18&A1018a unlock method by dodo
49.Procedure for removing SPCK code checking on new series of Ericsson a1018s phones
50.A1018s manual unlocking *.txt
51.Original Flash Software for Type 105050x Version 142.1E, 154x&10504xx Version 025.3A
52.A1018s NCK/NSCK/SPCK Code Editor v.1.0 by JVE
53. T10 and 1018 SP-Unlock by Valev Alexander - 2 *.doc files
54.Ericsson Unlocker 6xx/7xx new series by VirtualM
55.File Transfer Program version 2.13 by Ronde&Schwarz (CMD53/55 Autorun Ericsson Service Application Version 1.22)
56. NCK-service v1.04i by TERROR WIN
57. T10/T18 EEPROM dump killer by busta
59.Ericson 768 "F" NCK reader
60.GF 768E SP Lock remover by Mieczyslaw Kozielsky
61.Emma Flash Installer for T28s
  63.NCKserv v1.05k by TERROR 1999
64.Ericsson T10 50000 NCK Codes
65.Ericsson a1018s after 99W42 solution by Vali
66.GSM/PCN Subscriber EMMI Interface
67.Ericsson Txx Unlocker v0.3.2 made by S.Zudoniev
68.Ericsson Tx SPUnlocker by Ramad0x by cable
69.NEW Rxx to SHX converter for Ericsson's flashers.exe
70.A1018 new eeprom by gatalyak
71.Ericsson calculator ver.2.1.9 (calc unlock code for 3xx,6xx,7xx,8xx,T18,A1018s,A1018snew) by VIC
72.Ericsson T10s T18s T28s A1018s 888 Pinouts & Schematic Cable
73.Ericsson SP-Unlock by Listener
74.888 NCK & NSCK Code Editor v1.0beta by JVE
75.FlashLite Field Flasher for 7xx,8xx, A1018s, Txx -original
76.NEW T18 with SPCk Code solution
77.Reset Program for A1018s Release
78. Ericsson Lockshower v1.2 -T18
79.Solution for Unlock Ericsson T28 99w45 and new !!! by xfil
80.T10, T18, A1018 Unlocker ver.1 by Zulea via cable
81.T18 & 8xx Lock code Remover (via eeprom) by D. - work 100% 1999
82.Ericsson T10 BIN's with NCK codes
83.Ericsson T10 New 2000 NCK Codes
84. T10, T18, T28, A1018 newest versions via eeprom + user manual solution by Robetsu -working 100%
85.ERICSSON T18S NEW 99_9 Unlocked bin + locked bin
86.Old A1018s Phone LOck SOLUTION BY MR. Eric
87.New method via eeprom + trick for unlock Ericsson phones by Mr. Eric
88.New Ericsson Simlock Remover (A1018, T10,T18,T28) via eeprom by Dimo1999- work 100%
89.T18s99w39 Unlocked bin 90.T28 600 NCK codes (more)
91.Ericsson SPUnlocker 8xx By Cable ver.1.1.0 by PR_Phre
91.A1018s spck cleaner+Info1 by SerbianHacker
92.Ericsson SPUnlocker 8xx By Cable
93.A1018s EEPROM loader software v.3.0 by Zulea
94.Ericsson unlocker (A1018;txx;R250PRO;OldModels) -see the shot in my web
95.Ericsson Unlocker & Code Generator v.1.0 (6xx,7xx,8xx, T18)
96.NEW A1018s solution withouth working sim card by MR. ERic
97.Program for unlocking Ericsson T28 by Rajcic (via eeprom)
98.T10 unlocker by PonyProgram I2C interface by Dalis
99.Ericsson 6xx,7xx,8xx,Txx,1xxx interface + drivers by Gitman
100. Ericsson Unlocker v1.3 (6xx,7xx,8xx,Txx) by GSM Hacker
101.Ericsson GA628 Memory Map
102.Ericsson 7xx Memory Map
103.t18&A1018a unlock by VirtualM via eeprom - text
104.All Ericsson A1018 unlocker v.1.0 by Dimo1999 via eeprom - work 100%
105.Ericsson Decoder for Windows ver.1.51 by Victor Levunliev
106.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications instaling GF788 Flasher
107.Ericsson (A1018old/new,T10old,T18old) via cable by UnlockCrue
108.Ericsson Mobile Maintenance Applications instaling GF768 Flasher
109.T28 repair flow (damages of water,corosion etc..photos unclude)
110.A1018s Txx without desoldering
111.Ericsson GH388 Memory Map
112.See Lock T28 by Mee (eeprom) 
113.Flashes telephone software to the Ericsson GSM mobile phone GF788c
114.Hardlock crypt loader
115.T10s, T18s and A1018s clear SP & User locks 'CLIP'
116.A1018s and T10s via eeprom new solution
117.All new Ericsson's (7xx,A1018s,Txx) - All Locks solutions v1.4 by x_Fil (eeprom) v1.4
118.All new Ericsson's (7xx,A1018s,Txx) - All Locks solutions v1.4 by x_Fil (eeprom) v1.5
119.Ericsson T1x Netmonitor Activation
120.Program for unlocking Ericsson A1018 new Ver.2.0 by Spunkyxy and jacki(eeprom)
121. Ericsson Tools by Ted (Er2k) - unlocker via cable(flashing) for 1018,T10,T18 work 100%
122.Clip for Ericsson 1018, Txx by Demaco - work 100%
123.CyberPhreack Ericsson A1018 Unlocker (eeprom)
124.Ericsson Workshop ATx ver1.1 by Saras (supperted A1018s,T10s,T18s,T28s) + crack
125.Ericsson Tools 2KAY (flashing A1018,T10,T18) cracked - work 100%
126. Flashes for Er200 - A1018 Eastern, A1018 West, A1018 CH, Txx CH
127.T1x SEELOCK by Mee 128.UserLock Reader v0.5 by ForkLift
129.52000000.img file for Workshop 1.1
130.RP_Preack - Ericsson SPUnlocker 8xx v.1.1.0
131.Er2000 Fix Up
132.Ericsson Workshop ATx ver1.1 by Saras fully cracked, working in COM1,2 and LPT ports + supervisor password
133.Ericsson A1018 and T1x SP Unlock Software v2.3 by Zulea via cable (exchange only for sagem 9xx via cable)
134.Er2000 IMEI solution
135.IMEI changer for Ericsson A1018s and Txx
136.Ericsson Flash Files Converter by Cage ver1.00 - Rxx-SHX SHX-Rxx
137.T28 Seelock v.2.0 by Mlh1997
138.Ericsson Atx Serv From Terror
139.Ericsson DA12,DA16,DC12,DC23,DC33,DI27,GC25,GS18,MC12,MC16,SH888 Bench Marking
140.Er2001 - install version 
141.Ericsson A1018/Txx Eeprom reader/writer by Cage ver.0.50.000 beta 
142.EricSP Win ver.1.3 by Zulea cracked (not work, but not fake) 
143.Ericsson Workshop ATx v.2.2 by Datex electronix 
144.Ericsson 6xx,7xx phone flasher by Cage ver.1.00.000 beta 
145.Ericsson A1018s/Txx Flasher made in UKRAINE 
146.KraZZy Ericsson ATx Flasher v.1.0.30 (BETA)
147.Steps to repair dead T10 from ER2000 with ER2000 
148.New Ericsson Tool ASM-C by PRO (build 115) cracked
149.Txx unlocker by Sonic GSM
150.Ericsson T18s NEW EEPROM unlocker by Yagoda
151.Ericsson 3xx EEPROM unlocker v.1.0 by Yagoda
152.Ericsson 8x8 Netmonitor Activator v1.0 by Yagoda
153.All Ericsson Service (6x8, 7x8, 8x8, A1018,T1x) v.1.0 by Terror
154.ATR Service Software v.2.1 by Zulea
155.Ericsson Workshop ATx v2.2 by Datex Electronics - Working on COM1
156.Scheme for CLIP by Zulea
157.GM22 Integrator’ s Manual

158.T28 cable scheme + MAX761 Evaluation Kit

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1.Test & Clone Card Emulator for ALL Motorola Phones
2.Motorola SP-Lock Remover v1.3
3.Motorola Series Cellphone Programmer v 6.6
4.MotEditor with Full Bitmap Support & Editable Phonebook
5.Get Useful Information from EEPROM dump
6.Debugger for Motorola 68300 Series Microcontrollers
7.Motorola ALL TOOLS
8.Motorola bins part 1
9.Motorola IMEI Changer v1.3
10.Motorola bins part 2
12.Motorola Test card for GSM phones / PIC 16F84 or 16C84 wafer cards...
13.Asim Deluxe 4 beta and Motsoft 1999 by Stephan Zegherd
  14.Bins for Motorola 520
15.MotoLang - MotBDM - hack by alex_l. Reg. @Rudi DOS
16.MEDITX v1.1 (c) TST@iname.com 1998 7x00, 8x00, StarTac, SlimLite,...
17.MEDIT v3.03
18.Star TAC 338 x 9f0109
19.Star TAC 328 64_08_33.hex
20.BDMFlash Flash/Dump/Test for BDM
21. M3188 Flasher
23.Logos for Motorola
24.Wake Up Phone
25.Motorola Background Debug Mode
26.Motorola Smart CELLect Data Interface Cable (3.13MB) install WIN
27.New Motorola D520.bin+D520fl.bin
28.Flasher ver.cd930 by Motorolacards
29.Using BDM on Motorola GSM phones By Madis Lobjakas, Stephan Zegherd & Janus Krarup
30.Motorola 3688 unlocker by Zulea WIN
31.M0t0r0La LiBEraT0r hack by Alex_1
32.New Motorola Cleaner 1.0 by Teko 99
33.Motorola phones BDM-PD universal unlocker by alex 1999
34.Motorola D368 D520 BDM unlocker
35.Motorola BDM interface -*.jpg
36.Test Program for CPU32 Motorola phones
37.Motorola (3188,3788,3888,V3688) Flasher ver.1.8.4 by Janus
38.Motorola V3688+ software upgrade program INFO (Emmi Box Required) *.doc +*.txt
39.Motorola Sim Card Emulator Pinouts & Schematic Cable
40.Motorola EMMI Controller v0.38
41.V3688 unlocker by Igor Zijubov
42.Motorola BDM Driver Package for Modular Microcontrollers By Scott Howard
43.Motorola 3688 scheme interface
44.Motorola Home Service(SP-Lock remover) v.1.3
45.Edytor EEPROM- 68HC05 Motorola by As-COMP -100%
46.SIM68 ver.2.21, the Motorola MC68HC11 simulator
47.Motorola Wingate22 cracked version V 1.16.85.exe
48.Sim Card Emulator (Adapter) for Motorola - schemes
49.Motorola 3688 unlocked bin + procedure how to...
50. Service program for Motorola phones
51.328 Flash 09.09; 09.24 -2 MB
52.Scheme for Emmi Box
53.MotoFlex 7.6
54.MotoFlex 7.6a
55.WinGate22 for Windows Ver1.16.85
56.How to enable the notorious 8700 clock
57.8700 Led
58. Mottool - Get Useful Information from EEPROM dump
59.Emmi box user manual
60.Motorola bad checksum solution
61.Upgrade flash & processor file for V3688 & mot fty docs
62.Full dokumentation about Motorola phones
63.The real scheme for Emmi box !
64.Motorola Eastern Europe Flasher for 920, 930
65.M3x88 series unlocker V1.2 by Raki 2000 (???) -via cable
66.Motorolla 3x88 1.0 (EFR) 
67.Motorola 3xxx eeprom solution
68.Service software for EMMI box (Emaster version 1.0) 


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1.Samsung Locks remover + SP and SIMLOCKS + IMEI
2.Change Samsung SGH 600 imei v.1.0
3.SP Lock Remover SFH 600
4.SGH250 Test Program from China v.2.79 - cool
5.SGH 600- SP Lock remover by David
6.Turbo DOWNLOADER v.7.2 - Samsung softwareZ
7.Unlocker v.1.0 for WIN - cool
8.Samsung SGH-600 Unlock,IMEI,Cable&Codes
9.Samsung NEW unlocker
10.Samsung SoftMobile 2.0
11.SGH600UL v.1.00 Removes Samsung SGH-600 SP-LOCK - cable sheme
12.Samsung 2100 db solution by Ed1 *.doc
13.Samsung db dumper
14.Samsung SGH-600 unlocker ver1.0.0
15.Samsung SGH 500/600/2100 Home Service Software v.3.0 by JVE
16.SGH -250 Test Program ver.2.79
17.Flash file for samsung 2100 db
18.Locks Remover +Removes SP&SIM locks and program IMEI by DELTA@
19.Samsung SHG2200 DB Unlocked BIN
20.Samsung 2000 DB Winker Flasher+Flash file
21.Samsung secret codes by Manjyot
22.Samsung SGH-600 Unlocker via Keypad - not by Full EEPROM Reset
23.Samsung SGH800 Unlocked BIN
25.Samsung SGH-800c service soft1 NEW(included Turkish lang)
26.Turbo Downloader v.9.1
27.Softmobile 2.0 for Samsung SGH 600 and SGH
28.SGH 2100 Test Program ver3.18s (all languages)
29.Samsung 2200 via eeprom unlocker+unlocked bin
30.Solution via eeprom for sgh2100 and sgh2400 by cybersaf
31.Samsung SGH-500 Service Manual (6 pdf files)
32. SGH2200 by Mee
33.Samsung SGH2200 Unlocker by Zoran Rajcic
34.Samsung 2100, 2400 eeprom unlocker by HackMan
35.SGH 2200 v.2.0 by Mee
36.SGH-600 FLASHER v1.0 in Portugal language
37.Flasher for 2100
38.Samsung SGH 250 & 2x00 Unlocker 1.0 by Forklift
39.SGH 2X00 Unlocker by GSMHacker
40.SGH2400 Unlocker by ECES Cairo 
41.Samsung 2100 DB Unlocker by GSMDoctor 
42.Samsung SGH-2100 DB EEPROM unlocker by Yagoda
43.Turbo Downloader v8.1 (SGH-2100)
44.Samsung 2xxx flashing software
45.Samsung SGH 2100 & 2400 Unlocker by X-Boot
46.2400 eeprom solution by Cybersaf

47.Samsung Sgh-250 by DaysGSM

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1.Sony CM-DX1000 / Siemens S4 connector
2.Schematic of c10 Cable
3. SONY_c1_bins.
4.CMD-C1 UNLOCKER v.1.0 by Victor Levunliev 1999
5. Sony CMD C1 by VirtualM 1999 WIN
6.Sony C1 -1.bin; 1un.bin
7.SONY DX1000 unlock and Siemens S3_COM, S4 by Bliznak
8.CM-DX1000 unlocker by Dariusz v.1.0
9.Sony CMD-C1 Unlocker from keypad (IMEI calculator) - 100% worked
10.SONY CMH1, CMH20 Unlocker via Keypad solution
11. Help file with program.exe for unlock Sony C5 by Moonwalker -work 100%
12. Sony C5 - pinouts
13. C5 HAMMER ver1.0.1 by Victor Levunliev and Maxim
14. C1 unlocker by S.S v.1.0
15. Sony C5 Unlocker by VirtualM
16.C10_C11 unlock solution by x_Fil (eeprom)
17.C5 Unlocker by Angelo v.1.0
18.C5 HAMMER ver1.0.2 by Maksim
19.C5 Unlocker by Angelo v.1.1
20.C10_C11 unlock solution without BARRED calls by x_Fil
21.Sony C1 clear locks software by Chicell
22.CMD-C1 unlocker via IMEI v.0.3b by YagoDa 
23.Sony Dump Clear by Mr.X


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   P A N A S O N I C

7.Imei Changer for : G400,G450, G500, G520, G600
8.g520 Service Sofware v1.0
9.G500 hacking
10.Service Software NEW - need password
11.New G520 LHA v.2.13 unlocker
12.PC Cable for Panasonic Phones (G450 & G500)
13.Panasonic interface G450 G500 G600 GD70 by Misiek
14.GSM programlayici G400 G450 G500 G600 turkish interface WIN
15. Panasonic G520 Flasher A15 new Ver: 1.3
16.Panasonic G520 Flasher A23 new Ver: 1.3
17. GD70 Pin Out
18. GD70 Service Box v.1.117 1999/10/19
19. VomiStar v.3 FINAL 31/5/99
20.Panasonic GD90 pin-out, cable-sheme, diagrams
21.TMN - Panasonic GD90 ver.0.21 by Todos WIN
22.Panasonic GD90 Imei change and SP-Unlock ver.00.7 by somebody
23.Programa Para Liberar Panasonics GD90 by Paulo Lito
24.Panasonic Service Software  GD90 v.2.01 by TEKO WIN
25.Panasonic g520, g600 Service Software v.3.0 by Zulea
26.Panasonic g520 Service Software v.2.0
27.GD70 Unlocker+Schematics+Info by DIGITECH
  28.Panasonic GD70 SERVICE BOX ver:1.117
29. GD70/GD90 unlocker + pinouts
30.NEO's Panasonic GD90 Unlocker by Razvan & Dan + key
31.G520 Unlocking by Zahoo *.txt
32.G450 SP Unlocker v.0.1 White Label New Series
33.Panasonic GD90 ver.1.02 by Baba
34.GD90 Downloader Win32 ver.1.0C Copyright (C) 1999 H.Ishida
35.New (INFO) Panasonic G520, GD70, GD90 Unlocker by xx-elFAraoNO-xx
36.Panasonic G520 and G600 Service Software By @Teko -v2.01 ->iemi change and unlo
37.Panasonic GD30 Service box ver.1.128
38.PANASPL v.1.0 by Dan & Razvan - unlock G520NEW 100%
39.How to unlock GD30 using servicebox.txt
40.NEO's Master Panasonic Unlocker - v2.1(BETA) - G520(new), GD70,GD90
41.Schematic for Panasonic G520 clear SP & User locks 'CLIP'
42.Panasonic G520new SP-Unlock software v.2.00 via cable by Dimitar Donev - work 100%
43.GD-30 unlocker v1.0 by ghost3d
44.Panasonic GD 30 Unlocker via cable
45.Panasonic GD30 Home Service ver.4.0c by Myky
46.GD-50 test program by Ghost3D
47.GD 30-50 Unlocker By Angello - WARNING! it can destroy your phone!
48.Panasonic G53x, GD30, GD50, GD70, GD90 imei.exe
49.SW to repare Panasonic GD30/50 destroyed with unlockers like that on Angelo... - work 100%
50.GD50 Unlocker ver3... - may be fake (see a shot)
51.GD50 Home srvice ver: 4.3a by Myky
52.GD90 Home srvice ver: 3.0c by Myky
53.GD70 Imei Change version 00.7 and SpUnlock by Digitech
54.GD-90 unlocker v.1.0 by ghost3d
55.GD-30 and 50 unlocker v.1.03 by Zoran
56.Panainfio by ghost3d (checkSWversionforPanasonicG520GD30,GD50andGD90)
57.Panasonic Gd30 and Gd50 Unlocker via cable by VirtualM
58.Mobil Service GD30-50 Unlocker by Dan
59.Panasonic Gd90 Unlocker by VirtualM
60.GD90a09 flasher
61.NEO's Panasonic GD 30 Unlocker v.1.0 by Razvan&Dan
62.Panasonic G450 FlashUpdata VerG450Y17
63.Panasonic GD90 gd90a14 flash
64.Panasonic (ALL) Universal Flash Downloader+user manual
65.GAD90B12 flasher
66. CyberPhreac Panasonic GD90 Service Software
67.Flash Request for New GD90 by VirtualM
68.New NEO Panasonic GD 90 Unlocker v 3.0
69. GD 90 B13 flasher
70. Panasonic GD90 AT Solution v.1.2 (cable)
71.GD90 B14 flash
72.Unlocker for GD-90 by Old man
73.GD90 Service software by Cyberphreack
74.GD90 AT Solution V1.2 by GSMaster
75.VirtualX2000 Panasonic GD30/50/70/90 Unlocker
76.Panasonic GD30-50 by Angelo
77.Panasonic GD90 B14 flash
78.NEO's Panasonic GD30/GD50 Unlocker & Restorer v7.3
79.Panaimei FUCKER for GD90B13-B14 by Bartek v1.00 beta
80.Panasonic Flash Reqest for GD90 by VirtualM - to put new gd90 in flash mode
81.Panasonic GD90 Unlocker by VirtualM(old models) 
82.Panasonic GD90 Flahser Intel+Atmel by Aikon Unlock Team
83.How to flash GD90 v.B14
84.450 NEw series dump maker by CAGE
85.Mobil Service GD30-50 Unlocker v.2.0 by Dan
86.Panasonic GD30 xa09 flash


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   S I E M E N S

1.CAPI Driver Software SoftDataLInk GSM
2.Siemens S6+S8 Clear SP-Lock remover (make dump of eeprom)
3.Siemens C10 Clear SP-Lock remover (make dump of eeprom)
5.Siemens C25 SP-Unlock ver.1.0 by Zulea
6.Siemens c25 cable sheme
7.C25 Unlocker ver.1.8.4 RS232/TTL Cable connection for Windows 95/98
8.SoftData Link Pro for Siemens S25  - 10MB
9.EEprom Burner.exe 1.09
10.Siemens C25 generator misika
11.C25 Play - compose musika
12.C25 Unlocker - Poland
13.C25 Unlocker v.1.0 by Hol Tec
14.C25 Unlocker by Daniel
15.Siemens AG - Mobile Radio Terminalsa - Germany
16.Windows unlocker for S1088 by BigMix1999 WIN
17.S1088 EEPROM
18.C25 Unlocker by GIESEM -install setup
19.C25 SP Lock Remover - work 100%
20.C25 SP - Unlock v.1.0 by Andy 1999
21.SMS25 v1.0 beta 1 (c)1999 GGV Software released 16/09/1999-install WIN
22.S25 Explorer 1.000 - 09.1999 by Markus Bath -install WIN
23.Midi - 2 - C25 Version 3.3 by Zaruba
25.Siemens S10/S11 and S1088 Pinouts & Schematic Cable
26.Siemens All25 Series (CRACKED) (all25.exe)
27.Siemens S10 SP-Unlock v.1.0 by Zulea
28.C25 Unlocking NEW
29.Siemens AG SWUP SoftWareUpdateProgram v.1.63
30.Siemens Service Software for S6-C11 ver.3.13
30.Siemens C25 flasher 1001
31.Siemens C25 flasher 1003
32.Siemens C25 flasher 1208
33.Siemens C25 flasher 0705
34.Siemens C25 flasher 4303(makes version 46F)
35.Siemens C25 flasher 4603 1.65 (makes version 46F)
36.Siemens S25, C25, C25 Power Unlocker (with soft v43 and v46)
38.Siemens S10 Unlocker by Angelo&VirtualM ver1.0
39.S10 and SL10 Unlocker by GSM Brothers
40. S10 cable scheme
41.Siemens S10 -1105 flasher
42.pin-out for S6,s6p, s8, s10, Sony CMDX2000.ZIP
  43.Destroyed by c25 unlocker solution by lovelas
44.New solution for c25 destroyed by [all25.exe].txt by Lovelas
45.SIEMENS C25 v46 Unlocking Instructions - 100% Working
46.S25 Unlocker by GSM Brothers via cable
47.Full -dokuments about HiGOLD chipset, Siemens DualBands chips,GOLDplus chipset
48.S25 atc commandset v10
49.S25 Explorer ver.1.016
50.GSM Receiver Circuit PMB 2402 *.pdf
51. Technical Description of the Siemens A1
52.Siemens C25 flasher 4608
53.S25 SP Unlock v.1.3 via cable
54.S25 flasher 4201 and 1202
55.Siemens C25 v46 Unlocker 1.0 by Kaczor&Bontek (without flashing software )
56.S25 flasher 1001 (English, Catala, Nederlands, Francais, Deutsch, EAAHNIKA, Italiano, Portugues, Espanol,Turkece)
57.C25 tone player
58."Wrong Softw" - displayed. *.ini repair
59.C25 ver 4901 flasher
60.C25 code reader by Kaczor
61.C25 v46 SP lock Remover
62.C25 v49 SP lock Remover
63.S10 unlocker via cable by Kallla
64.SL10d unlocker via cable by Kallla
65.AT Modem commands for the S25
66.C25 4908 flasher
67.C25 49 Russian flasher
68.C25 vers 43,46,49 All Locks unlocker by cable by Kazcor + keygenerator
69.C25 v43,46,49 Unlocker v1.0 by Piotrs (cable)
70.C25 vers 46 unlocker via cable by Kaczor
71. S1x unlocker via cable by Kaczor
72.Siemens C25 v43/46/49/51 2000 unlocker via cable
73.S25 0502 flasher
74.S25 1201 flasher
75.C25 v49 SP lock remover by via cable
76.S 25 ver1401 flasher
77.VirtualX2000 Siemens Unlocker
78.C25 vers 43,46,49,51 All Locks unlocker v.3.0 by cable by Kazcor -cracked
79.C25 4301 flasher 
80.C25 4308 flasher 
81.C25 5108 flasher 
82.S25 V44 flasher 
83.Siemens S15 unlock solution by Dragan 
84.Siemens S2588 LCD Contrast 
85.C25 5101 flasher
86.C25 v5951 WRONG SOFTW solution
87.IMEI change solution in C25
88.S35 v.0501 flasher
89.Siemens Flash Extractor 1.0 by DigitalFrosch
90.C25 v.4903 flasher
91.Siemens S25 killed phone and wrong software - how to by Stefan Kroh
92.Siemens S25 manual for the firmware-update by Stefan Kroh

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1.IMEI ;  LOCK CODE ; SP-LOCK AREA ; MCC+MNC ;SP-LOCK REMOVING for Sagem 712 / 615 / 715 / 725
2.Sagem - serial cable
3.Sagem Tools (SP Lock, Imei, Service, Ph.code) v.1.1 by Saras
4.Sagem Tools (SP Lock, Imei, Service, Ph.code) by Hihiteh v.1.2
5. Sagem 820 unlock by Todosije
6. Sagem serial cable sheme
7.Sagem 820mc SP-Unlocker 99 by lewis
8.Sagem 835FM Unlocker by SlaY
9.Sagem RC8xx SP Unlocker by Stevo Kalanj (eeprom)
10.SP-LOCK Solution for new series (99year) SAGEM 712,715 - by x_Fil
11.Sagem NCK calculator
12.Sagem 820 Dual Unlocked BIN ! - not work
13.Sagem 820 Solution using SARAS Program - ???
14. Schemes+software+pinouts for Sagem phones (old)
15.Solution for Sagem mc820(m314/305) via eeprom
16. SAgem Dump Cleaner by UFO (MC820, 835FM, 839FM)
17. Sagem 820 ver314 unlocker by Dimo1999
18.Sagem RC820 Unlocker v.1.0 by GSMhacker
19.Sagem Toolkit Pro v4.1 - Service Software for MC 9xx phones
20.Sagem MC 900 (930/939) Unlocker by Sfurtmaier
21.Sagem MC Series Service Software ver2.1 by Andromeda
22.All Sagem with PIC unlocking (hex+scheme)
23.Sagem Dumper v1.0 by Bartek
24.SIMLOCK Berechnungsprogramm by Cbot for sagem 9xx
26.Sagem Mc9xx series unlocker v.1.2 via cable by Raki2000
27.MC820 BETA v.01 by Mee
28.Sagem SP-Log 1.10 by Dejan Kaljevic
29.CyberPhreack SAGEM Unlocker (v1.0.53) BETA 
30.Sagem Sp-unlock software by cable v.1.0 
31.Sagem DC820 v1.1 by Mee
32.Sagem 93x unlocker 
33.Sagem RC815+ EEPROM unlocker by Yagoda
34.Sagem 6xx,7xx,8xx Unlocker by GSMHacker (eeprom)
35.Sagem 8xx Language Activate by Mee
36.Sagem M314B0 Unlocker by Zoran Rajcic
37.Sagem 939 solution via eeprom
38.Sagem IMEI calculator give lock code
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1. Mitsubichi unlock11 for model MT-D30
2.MT 430 Unlocker v1.0
3.Unlock MT11
4.MT35/MT30 - win, install -3.50MB
5.Secret code to enter engineer mode and resert spanish mitsubishi mt11/20
6.Solution unlocking Mitsubishi Triumph with code
7.Trium scheme +*.dat
8.Mitsubishi MT-230i/430i Unlocker ver.1.0 Release 01/01/2000 by ForkLift
9.Mitsubishi TRIUM Astral, Galaxy Unlocker (PIC 12c509 solution)
10.Mitsubishi230_430i solution
11.Mitsubishi30_35i solution
12.Mitsubishi MT-30 & MT-35 secret codes
13. TRIUM ASTRAL SP-Unlock ver.1.0 by STAR
14.MT-D30 unlocker by Serbian Hacker
15.How to activate Net Monitor in TriumAstral.txt
16. Unlocker via Eeprom for MTD30 - work 100%
17.MT-D30 UNLOCKER ver.1.12 by SC_lab
18. MT-040 MT-140 Unlocking (photos+hexs) by Dimo199 - working 100%
19.NEO's Mitsubishi Unlocker v.1.0 by Razvan& Dan
20.Mitsubishi MT140 MT40 Unlock Solution + unlocked bin
21.MT-040 All Lock Remover (eeprom) by Dimo1999
22.MT-040 MT-140 All locks remover (new solution) by Dimo1999
23.Mitsubishi 230 & 430i unlocker by mac51
24.Pic for os Mitsubishi Trium
25.New solution for Mitsubishi MT-x40 using PIC12c50x
26.Cosmo Unlocker v1.0 by Daris 
27.Remove SP-Lock for Mitsubishi MT40,MT140 Trium New by Tigar

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1.UNLOCKMA - this program unlock all maxon phones
2.SP-Unlocker for Maxon v1.0 by Gaby
3.Maxon 3204(ver.1.17) and 6869 via eeprom
4.Maxon 3xx series solution via eeprom
5.SP-Unlocker ver.1.0 6869 by NoX 


1. AEG Telit SP Unlocker by Ramad0x on Com1
3. TELITAL GM410 Unlocker by SerbianHacker
4.Triumphoto 140 +hex
5.Clear Code and SP code for AEG GM410 -TELIT ver1.0 by Clear
6.AEG Telital GM240 by eeprom
7.Telital GM410 - GSM900 Phone unlocked bin + help file
8.AEG Telit Unlocker V1.01 by Bcct (Gm240e, Gm410, Gm711 by eeprom)
9. Aeg GM711 Telit Eeprom Unlocker by [Chcl]
10.Telital GM410 unlocked bins + photos how to - full inlude pin-out ets..
11.Telital GM 220E, GM240 solution by Telvid


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1.Audiovox 810 Acer G620 Codes Show v 2.0 by Smoother
2.Solution for NEC DB2000 & DB1000 by eeprom
3.Acer G70 IMEI Editor Ver 2_0 by MEE1
4.NEC DB2000 Flasher
5.NEC DB2000 Re-lock solution by x_Fil



1.multi.zip  88 K- 'Multi' checksum calculator for 36 different ETACS phones
2.CELLCLON.ZIP 30 K -Cell Phone Cloning (Programming) NOKIA,MOTOROLA,ERICSSON
3.simscan.zip 29k -SIM-Card Smart Reader (useful for simemu.zip :)
4.gsmstuff.zip 40k -General GSM Stuff
5.unilock.zip 2.4 mb -Universal SP unlocker v3.2 Sp-lock of 27 types of GSM phones. DEMO
6.sp_key.zip 8k -Universal SP unlocker v3.2 - keygenerator by Rattle & RDK
7.tip.zip 130k -Tip for all GSM PHONES *.htm
8.andro.zip 70 k -ASIM CARD EMULATOR V2.9
9.cela_z.zip 180k -Celular A-Z Programming
10.Web SMS - cool
11.Some background information about EEPROMS.
24C64/65 EEPROM PROGRAMER by Xu Zhengyu v.1.0
25.All Phones Codes
26.GID1 codes
27.Radio - Software - 4.60 MB
28.Universal SP Unlocker ver3.2 and PonyProg v.1.12r cool+CRACK
30.Mobile Clean UP Utility
31.BMacRob EEPROM-8 Programmer Ver: 8.61+CRACK
32.Test & SP unlock card v1.02 (Jan 22 1998) Copyright (c)1996-1998 Dejan Kaljevic
33.WKPE Ver: 1.81
34.BanpaiA Ver: 1.6.1 BETA
35.BanpaiA Ver: 1.6 BETA for Linux
36.LAB Tools 48 for Win Ver: 3.12
37.ALL 07
38.DCOMP98 for Windows
39.OPERATORS search box 1999 WIN cool
41. ALL07 -3MB
42.Banpai for Windows 95 ver.1.6.1 BETA by Banpaia
43.Macrob EEPROM Programmer v.8.61+ CRACK
44.Unlock Exotic Phones *.txt (TelitalGM1xx;GM410, BenefonTGP65, Aselsan1919)
45.Free unlocker EEPROM v.1.0 + NEW 1.65 by Lovelas
46.Lab TOOL 48 for Windows
47.GSM HOME SERVICE v.4.12 !DEMO! - all 10
48.EDSIM-2:The Revolutionary New Software Package allows you to READ, EDIT and COPY all user data from a Mobile Phone Card (GSM, 121, Orange etc). -2MB Windows
49.Sim Spy-> card ident, phase ident, IMSI, last TMSI, last LAI, last K, provider name, PIN1, PIN2 etc..
50.GSM SIM SCAN by Dejan Kaljevic - FREE CALL !!!
51.Software to PIC12C5xx programming. (c) Jens Dyekj‘r Madsen
52.VODAMAX v1.09b USER DOCUMENTATION -Programming the hex +hexes.zip by HAC_K1NG 1999
53.NEC P7, OPERA, DB 2000 service codes
54.dancall 2711 unlock solution all locks.txt
55.16K/8K/4K/2K/1K/256 (x8/x16) Serial Microwire Bus EEPROM fuLL dokuments
56.BYPASS ALL SOFTWARE DRIVERS_for_progamming PIC84's or Serial Eeproms(speed PC)
57.LUDIPIPO 1.0 Eeprom programator I2C by Ludwig Catta
58.Compare Bin Files v.1.0 by Georgi Angelov ver.1.0
60.WKPE Key-programmator ver.1.81 by Jack
61.Trans Coder for 93c86 and PonyProg v.2.00 by Georgi Angelov
62.HexMaster ver.1.05 by Stefan Elstner - cool !
63.Universal SP unlocker by BP Bonus ver4.0 (look a screenshot) - look cool
64.Trans Coder for 93c86 and PonyProg- v2.00 for Window 95/98 by Georgi2000
65.Dump Utility v.1.01 by Georgi Angelov
66.Dr.SIM for Windows professional chipcard service ver.1.2 by ORGA
67.Dump Utility v.1.2 by Georgi Angelov (more phones added)
68.Crack for Universal SP Unlocker 4.0 by Daris
69.KeyGen Logomanager 1.0 Build7 by Hamst
70.Message master
71.Phone Card Read -Write by Bugs Bunny & J. Von Neumann
72.24C64/65 Eeprom Programer ver1.0 by Xu Zhengyu
73.List of the cellular frequencies
74.The Pineapple Engine v1.32(Cellular Utility for ETACS)
75.Eeprom Burner 2.0 + how to install
76.The Citronic Cellular Suite :: NEC P3 and P4 Reprogramming
77.Radio GAMMA 3 new remover
78. ProPic v2.97 keygenerator
79.GSM Sim -Pic 16f84 v1.0 by Ronny Stern
80. Free 2000 by lovelas - cool
81.Dump Utility 2.00 beta by georgi Angelov (super!!)
82.Eeprom Burner 2.0.1
84.Dump Utility 3.0 by Georgi Angelov
85.Free EEprom 2000 v2.3 by Lovelas
86.Free EEprom 2000 v3.0 by Lovelas
87.Universal SP unlocker by BP Bonus ver4.2 (look a screenshot)
88.Free EEPROM Unlocker 2000 ver.3.3 by Lovelas
89.CyberPhreack GSM Tools [v.1.0.21] BETA
90.Dump Utility ver.4.0 by Georgi Angelov 
91.Dumper v.1.0 by Georgi Angelov 
92.Crack for Eeprom Burner 2.0 
93.Satelite SECA month may -totaly hacked 
94.Universal interfaces by Pepe and Boris 
95.PicBasic Compiler Ver. 1.41 by microEngineering Labs
96.Universal Simlock Box with Alcatel DB support by Misiek ver.3.0
97.CmosPwd recovery 2.1 for notebooks Acer,Ami,Award,Compaq,Dell,IBM,ToshibaPackard,Phoenix,Zenith

98.Dump Explorer v0.9 by Georgi Angelov
99.Free2000 v.4.0 by lovelas
100.Phone Editor PRO 1.6.0 beta by soda
101.SECA month June hacked

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