Come and relax yourself


Pension „Mlýn na Prádle“


Come and relax yourself

Dear guests,

we are happy to invite you to our boarding house „Mlýn na Prádle“ (Mill at the Washing House). The boarding house lies on a lonely place 3 km distant from the spa town Bechyně in the clean and picturesque nature of southern Bohemia. We can offer you stylish accommodation in the rooms of a former mill, originally built at the end of the 16th century. The mill lies near a small pond on the bank of the river Smutná. The facility is very convenient, thanks to its location, for holding of various social events - seminars, schooling sessions, meetings - a place as especially made for a closed company not wishing to be disturbed.

Our offer can be briefly characterized as follows:

Quiet and clean environment of South-Czech
   nature (118 kms from Prague in direction of
   Benešov, Tábor, Opařany, Bechyně)

Stylish standard-equipped rooms providing general
   comfort - WC, shower, TV, satellite, telephone,
   minibar. Double-bed rooms, three-bed rooms, two
   four-bed apartments.

Total capacity of 22 beds, extra-beds may be

Restaurant for 45 persons, offering home cuisine
   and Czech specialities.

In winter time, true South-Czech pork
   banquet upon order.

Stylish interior of former grinding room with
   fireplace and billiards, suitable for schooling
   sessions, seminars, etc., separated from

Private tennis court with night lighting, volleyball
  Convenient tourist-biking grounds, beautiful
   surroundings for hiking, mushroom picking.

Fishing in private lake and in the Smutná creek.

Golf - golf grounds with 9 holes in the former
   Černická preserve in the lovely area of meadows,
   growth stands, and centuries-old trees, 8 kms from
   our Pension.

Horse riding, sightseeing air flights, boat trips Orlík
   Dam Lake.

Visitors driving motor vehicles will enjoy seeing
   many ancient fortified castles, castles of different
   style from last centuries, and cultural sights in
   near surroundings e. g. the castles Hluboká,
   Červená Lhota. Zvíkov and Orlík, Český Krumlov
   (on the UNESCO list)

The town Bechyně, not far from the „Mlýn na Prádle“ lies 406 m above sea level, has about 6000 inhabitants and is famous especially for its tradition as a spa. Here rheumatic and other diseases are treated.The Bechyně area is also known for its pottery tradition and the production of ceramics. The local ceramics factory and later a ceramic school were the first in Bohemia. The town is dominated by the Bechyně castle, built by Přemysl Otakar II. in the 13th century on a rock above the confluence of the rivers Lužnice and Smutná.





  From Ancient History of Bechyně

Bechyně belongs in among the oldest cultural sites in Bohemia (Czechia). The name was first mentioned in 805 A.D., when master Bech, founder of local castle, fell in the fight against the Franks. Allegedly, a castle existed here far earlier, and the legendary Czech Princess Libuše liked to live here.

993 A.D. - Bechyně was mentioned in the paper of Pope John XV. Later, Bechyně became a district, since 1039 Arch Deanery, and District Town till 1751.

1422 A.D. - On 26 July, Hussite warrior Jan Žižka appeared before the town. The town was taken, the monastery robbed, pulled down, monks slain. In the same year, the Bechyně file raided Tábor, burned down log buildings to take revenge.

1570 A.D. - Lord Peter Vok came to Bechyně for the first time, and the town as well as the castle enjoyed the time of flourish, well-being, splendour, and glory.

Mill on the Laundry Creek

Extract from detailed record:
On 24 October 1668, Sir Pavel Hánovský was allowed to settle in the town. In the presence of mayor Jan Holušický, chief magistrate Řehoř Borový, town hall scrivener Šimon Holušický, and of other gentlemen councillors, Ondřej Krajíc sold The Mill on the Laundry Creek to Sir Pavel Hánovský for 325 Rhine gold coins. The latter paid 250 gold coins in cash, and shall pay 45 gold coins on St.Catherine’s Day in 1668, and 30 gold coins on St. Philip’s and Jacob’s Day in 1669.
Following is usual formulation on the rights and liabilities, and finally Sir Pavel pledged to turn over to the annuity of His Grace: 18 gold coins on St.George’s Day, 18 gold coins on St. Havel’s Day, 11/2 hens or 10 gold coins 3 groschens,2 gallons oat, 11/2 gallons wheat.

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Training, company meetings and activities


Weddings, graduations, celebrations