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  Brief project description
  Project planning


  • Disposal of old coal burning equipment.
  • Alteration to administration building heating system.
  • Building new environment friendly wood chips burning system.
  • Connecting individual sections of company operation facilities to system, such as wood and fruit drying units, maintenance and operation workshops,dining-room, accommodation facility and bakery.
  • Local environment conditions improvement.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Brief project description:

Project base / Original situation:

The company several buildings include a saw mill, which is producing a wood waste in the form of a saw dust, a wood-shavings and a wood cuttings. The total quantity of the wood waste is approximately 860 tons per year. The heat energy was produced by the brown coal boiler for the administration building, the Light Heating Oil in the workshop and for the wood drying unit energy was purchased from other company (based on the natural gas). The total heat consumption was 6 131 GJ per year.

Project proposal: Changing the tree fuel based system to the system with one fuel source. With exception of drying units, an equitherm regulation will be utilised in all heated rooms. The obsolete brown coal boilers were changed to the wood chips hot water boilers. Total yearly consumption in new boilers is 860 tons of wood waste with additional 30 tons of straw. The fuel cost is reflected only in its transportation to the boiler room storage place.

Advantages: Utilisation of existing boiler room and company area.

Disadvantages: Building new working and storage area for wood chips and straw cuts. For this purpose an old silage pit is utilised.


Used technology

Civil works
The existing boiler room and the coal storage place was utilised for the installation of new more modern equipment. Different floor levels between the boiler room and the storage space made the installation more convenient. The storage space floor alteration for the floor conveyor formed the main part of the civil works modification.

Heat source technology
Boiler room:
The boiler for the space and the domestic hot water heating of 750 kW nominal output is utilising wood chips fuel of approx. Size 30x30x80 mm with maximum 50% moisture content. The boiler construction allow icineration of some slag forming materials, such as bark and straw. The automatic fuel feeding is regulated from the storage place, through to the incineration, up to the ash disposal. The automatic operation of the system making permanent attendance unnecessary.

The boiler is constructed with a sliding grate, feed screw conveyor, burner, combustion chamber, exhaust fan and self cleaning exchanger form boiler equipment. Part of the boiler is also electrical unit. Whole incineration process is regulated and could be adjusted to conditions required by the client. The wood chips fuel is fed into the boiler trought fire proof unit by a screw conveyor. The burning fuel is progressively moved into automatic ash disposal unit and consequently to the container.

Fuel / Wood chips storage:
The fuel storage place is a round pit with a rotating arm for equal distribution into the screw conveyors and the rotating valves. Wood chips are then fed to the boiler screw stoker

Heating system:
The boiler is connected to new distributor and collector. The system is divided into several heating arms with automatic equitherm regulation for each arm. For the administration building, dining room, rehabilitation center and domestic hot water is a separate arm with a pressure independent exchanger.

The boiler output regulation is automatic, based upon the temperature of the heating system. This is achieved by the mixing valve and the circulation pump.

Project planning:


Pace of project preparation
The project prepatation is mainly depending on the preparation of the project documentation which is acceptable by the state organisations. In this case, the urgency of the necessity to change the boilers and the company economical situation, the owner continue with the project prior receipt of the state support.

Thorough control of the project documentation eliminate consequential technical problems. Regular meetings and suppliers visits eliminated technical problems and programme slippages.


                                               Investin nklady

Civil works 3 130 000 K 104 333,33
Control and Instrumentation 300 000 K 10 000,00
Distribution pipes 260 000 K 17 200,00
Operation Units Modification 1 500 000 K 50 000,00
Civil Works Modification 1 250 000 K 41 666,67
Electro-instalation 345 000 K 11 500,00
Project Management 321 500 K 10 716,67
Total 7 362 500 K 245 416,67

                       Operation costs

Pvodn Nov
Coal 912 000 K 30 400,00 0 K 0
Light Heating Oil 126 000 K 4 200,00 0 K 0
Natural Gas 675 000 K 22 500,00 0 K 0
Biomass (transportation) 0 K 0 11 200 K 373,33
Electric energy 67 000 K 2 233,33 133 000 K 4 433,33
Overheads 162 000 K 5 400,00 162 000 K 5 400,00
Maintenance 25 000 K 833,33 70 000 K 2 333,33
Total 1 967 000 K 65 566,67 376 200 K 12 540,00


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