NEUWIRTH - Company

NEUWIRTH is innovative engineering company that specialises in the design and construction of complete systems for clients who wish to reduce fuel consumption, reduce power costs, deliver heat more efficiently and reduce air pollution. The company offer a complete and finish design, delivery, installation and service combustion systems for industry and public sector.

The company motto is: "Economical solution to ecological and energy systems......... from study to turn key projects."

Following the company motto, opportunity studies, feasibility studies, projects for obtaining building concessions and realization projects are prepared for energy systems with a special emphasis to an alternative sources of energy such as biomass for energy production. The company is able to supply, install and provide service to the customer on plants of a capacity from 0,1 to 10 MW. These energy plants based on various fuels like biomass (wood and straw), biogas, natural gas, oil etc. or utilisation of waste heat, may be provided for the supply of heat energy or combination of heat and power energy.