Boiler room and heating system modification- Hospital of merciful brothers Vizovice

Hospital of merciful brothers

Hospital of merciful brothers Vizovice
Zlnska 451
763 12 Vizovice
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jezda 579
687 08 Buchlovice
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  Brief project description
  Project planning


  • Disposal of old coke burning equipment.
  • Equipment improvement and costs reduction.
  • Building more modern burning equipment.
  • Local ecological condition improvement.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Brief project description:

Project base / Original situation:

Natural gas supply was never installed, therefore for kitchen requirements propan-butan was used. Boiler room used two 250 kW boilers without any regulation. Only two heating systems were operated. One for hospital heating and other for domestic hot water. System was secured by unpresurised expansion tank placed in loft. Heating radiators were at end of service life and whole systm littered with corrosion.

Project proposal: Installation of natural gas, which include changing gas nozzles in kitchen stoves, and rebuild heating systm to ecological heating based on natural gas and wood burning. All heaters and water distributio pipes will be renewed.

Advantages: With full systm (boilers and heaters) renewal it is possible to garantee anticipated operation savings.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to reroute pipework in building and made changes in small boiler room due to hospital historical building.


Used technology

Natural gas
Mid.pressure of natural gas was build under state road. Two regulators and gas meter are installed on border of hospital teritory. Gas pipeline is matching building contour and ending with gas clousing valve in front of boiler room. Kitchen equipment was changed to suit new systm.

Heat source - technologyt
Boiler room:
Existing boilers were exchanged with 225 kW natural gas boiler which included build in equitherm regulation and 90 kW wood burning boiler. Both boilersare paralerly conected and have safety valves. Systm is equiped with two pressurised expansion vessels. Chimney has new lining and new additional air ventilation was installed in existing ash lift.

Automatic boilers output regulatio is depending on heating water temperature by mixing valves and circulating pumps.

Heating system:
Boilers are connected to new collector and distributor. Few hot water distribution systems are equithermically regulated with thermostatic regulation on domestic hot water.

Pln projektu:


Pace of project preparation
Project preparation is mainly dependant on preparation of project documentation. In this case, state organisation project support made this preparation and take-over easier.

Thorough control of documentation eliminated consequential technical problems. Regular meetings and suppliers visits eliminated technical problems and programme slippages.


                                               Capital costs

Natural gas installation 168 000 K 5 600,00
Boiler room 605 000 K 20 166,67
Regulation 260 000 K 8 666,67
Heating system 832 000 K 27 733,33
Tests 16 000 K 533,33
Project management 15 000 K 500,00
Total 1 896 000 K 63 200,00

                          Operation Costs

Original New
Fuel 721 000 K 24 033,33 326 200 K 10 873,33
Electric energy 108 500 K 3 616,67 64 800 K 2 160,00
Overheads 243 000 K 8 100,00 75 000 K 2 500,00
Maintenance 20 000 K 666,67 20 000 K 666,67
Total 1 092 500 K 36 416,67 486 000 K 16 200,00


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