It's dreamy weather we're on 
You wave your crooked wand 
Along an icy pond 
With a frozen moon 
A murder of silhouette crows I saw... 
And the tears on my face 
And the skates on the pond they spell 
Alice I'll disappear in your name 
But you must wait for me 
Somewhere beneath the sea 
There's the wreck of a ship 
Your hair is like meadow grass 
On the tide 
And the raindrops on my window 
And the ice in my drink
Baby, all that I can think of 
Is Alice Arithlmetic Arithmetock 
I turn the hands back on the clock 
How does the ocean rock the boat 
How did the razor find my throat 
The only strings that hold me here 
Are tangled up around the pier 
And so a secret kiss
Brings madness with the bliss 
And I will think of this 
When I'm dead in my grave 
Set me adrift and I'm lost over there 
But I must be insane 
To go skating on your name
And by tracing it twice 
I fell through the ice 
Of Alice There's onely Alice

Everything You Can Think

Everything you can think of is true 
Before the ocean was blue 
We were lost in a flood
Run red with you blood Nigerian skeleton crew 
Everything you can think of is true
The dish ran away with a spoon 
Dig deep in your heart for that little red glow 
We're decomposing as we go 
Everything you can think of is true 
And fishes make wishes on you 
We're fighting our way up dreamland's spine 
With red flamingos and expensive wine 
Everything you can think of is true 
The baby's asleep in your shoe
Your teeth are buildings with yellow doors 
Your eyes are fish on a creamy shore

Flowers Grave

Someday the silver moon and 
I Will go to Dreamland
I wiIl close my eyes 
And wake up there in Dreamland 
But tell me who will put flowers 
On a flower's grave 
Who will say a prayer 
Will I meet a China rose there in Dreamland 
Or does love lie bleeding in Dreamland 
Are these days gone forever and always 
If we are to die tonight 
Is there moonlight up ahead 
And if We are to die tonight 
Another rose will bloom 
For a faded rose 
Will I be the one that you save 
I love when it showers 
But no one puts flowers
On a flower's grave 
As one rose dies another blooms 
It's always been that way 
I remember the showers 
But no one puts ftowers 
On a flower's grave

No One Knows I'm Gone

Hell above and heaven below 
All the trees are gone 
The rain makes such a lovely sounld 
To those who are six feel under ground 
The leaves will bury every year 
And no one knows I'm gone 
Live me golden tell me dark 
Hide from Graveyard 
John But the moon is full here every night 
And I can bathe here in his light 
The leaves will bury every year 
And no one knows I'm gone

Poor Edward

Did you hear the news about Edward? 
On the back of his head 
He had another Face
Was it a woman's face 
Or a young girl 
They said to remove it would kill him 
So poor Edward was doomed 
The Face could laugh alnd cry 
It was his Devil twin 
And at night she spoke to him 
Of things heard only in Hell 
They were impossible to separate
Chained together for life 
Finally the bell tolled his doom 
He took a suite of rooms 
And hung himself and her 
From the balcony irons 
Some still believe he was freed from her
But I knew her too well 
I say she drove him to suicide 
And took Poor Edward to Hell

Table Top Joe

Well, my Mama didn't want me 
On the day I was born 
Born without a body 
I got nothin' but scorn 
But I always loved music 
All I had was my hands 
And I dreamed I'd be famous 
And I'd work at The Sands 
Tabletop Joe Tabletop Joe Everyone knows
TabIetop Joe I had trouble with the pedals 
But I had a strong Ieft hand 
And I could play Stravinsky 
On a baby grand I said 
I'm gonna join the circus 'cause thats where
I belong And I went to Coney lsland 
Singing this song Tabletop Joe Tabletop Joe
Everyone knows Tabletop Joe 
And they gave me top billing In the Dreamland show
I had my own orchestra Starring Tabletop Joe 
And the man without a body 
Proved everyone wrong 
I was rich and I was famous 
And I was where I belonged 
Singing Tabletop Joe Tabletop Joe 
Everyone knows Tabletop Joe

Lost In The Harbour

Over here the ladies 
All want sweet perfume 
But there's never a rose 
And over there 
The roses are frightened to bloom 
So they never can grow 
And over here they need wool 
For weaving baby's new clothes 
But nobody has any wool 
And the sheep are all lost 
In the harbour 
And over here 
They want diamonds to wear 
But there aren't any here 
And over there, Everyone's hiding their tears 
But they're crying inside 
And the wall won't come down 
Til they're no longer afraid ot themselves 
If you don't believe me, ask yourselves 
And I can come down 
To the harrbour 
And then I will fill the ocean 
Back up with my tears 
I stil have a couple more years 
And then I can come back 
To the harbour

We're All Mad Here

Hang me in an bottle like a cat 
Let the crows pick me clean but for my hat 
Where the wailing of a baby 
Meets the footsteps of the dead 
We're all mad here 
As the Devil sticks his flag into the mud 
Mrs. Carroll has run off with Reverend Judd 
Hell is such a loneIy place 
And your big expensive face 
Will never last 
And you'll die with the rose still on your lips 
And in the time the heart-shaped bone 
That was your hips 
And all the worms they will climb 
The rugged ladder of your spine 
We're all mad here 
And my eyeballs roll this terrible terrain 
We're all inside a decomposing train 
And your eyes will die like fish 
And the shore of your face will turn to bone

Watch Her Disappear

Last night I dreamed that I was dreaminig ot you and from a window across the lawn
I watched you undress wearing a sunset of purple tightly woven around your hair
that rose in strangled ebony curls moving in a yellow Bedroom light The air is wet
with sound The faraway yelping of a wounded dog and the ground is drinking a slow
faucet leak Your house is so soft and fading as it soaks the black summer heat a
light goes on and a door opens and yellow cat runs out on the stream of hall light
and into the yard a wooden cherry scent is faintly breathing the air I hear your
champagne laugh you wear two lavender orchids one in your hair andd one on your
hip a string of yellow carnival lights comes on with the dusk circling the lake in a
slowly dipping halo and I hear a Banjo tango and you dance into the
shadow of a Black Poplar Tree I watch you as you disappear I watch you as you
dsappear I watch you as you disappear...


Round the curve of The Parrot Bar A broken-down old movie star Hustling and Easterner 
Bringing out the beast in her A high dive in a swimming pool Filled with needles and with
tools The memories are short but the tales are long Down there on the Reeperbahn They 
called her Rosie when she was a girl For her bright red cheeks and her strawberry curls
When she would laugh the river would run She said she'd become a comedian On what a
pity, oh what a shame When she said come calling, nobody came Now her bright red
cheeks are painted on And she's laughing her head off in the Reeperbahn Now little Hans
was always strange Wearing women's underthings His father beat him but he wouldn't
change He ran off with a man one day Now his lingerie is all the rage In the black on every
page His father proudly calls his name Down there in the Reeperbahn Now if you've lost
your inheritance And all you've left is common sense And you're not too picky about the
crowd you keep Or the mattress where you sleep Behind every window, behind every door
The apple is gone but there's always the core The seeds will sprout up right through the
floor Down there in the Reeperbahn Down there in the Reeperbahn

I'm Still Here

You haven't looked at me that way in years 
You dreamed me up and left me here
How long was I dreaming for 
What was it you wanted me for 
You haven't looked at me that way in years 
Your watch has stopped and the pond is clear 
Someone turn the lights back on 
I'll love  you til all time is gone 
You haven't looked at me 
That way in years 
But I'm still here.

Fish & Bird

They bought a round for the sailor 
And they heard his tale 
Of a world that was so far away 
And a song that we'd never heard 
A song of a little bird 
That fell in love with a whale 
He said: you cannot live in the ocean 
And she said to him: 
You never can live in the sky 
But the ocean is filled with tears 
And the sea turns into a mirror 
And there's a whale in the moon when it's clear 
And a bird on the tide 
Please don't cry
Let me dry 
Your eyes 
So tell me that you will wait for me 
Hold me in your arms 
I promise we never will part 
I'll never sail back to the time 
But I'll always pretend you're mine 
Though I know that we both must part 
You can live in my heart


A cloud lets go of the moon 
Her ribbons are all out of tune 
She's skating on the ice in a glass 
And in the hands of a man 
That she kissed on a train 
The children have all gone into town 
To get candy and we are 
Alone in the house here 
And your eyes fall down on me 
And I belong only to you 
The water is filling my shoes 
In the wine of my heart there's a stone 
In a well made of bone 
I will bring to the pond 
And she's here in your pocket 
And curled up in a dollar 
And the chain from your watch 
Around her neck 
And I'll stay right here till it's time 
The girls all knit in the shade 
Before the baby is made 
The branches bend down to the ground 
Here to swing on 
And I'm lost in the blond summer grass 
And the train whistle blows 
And the carnival goes 
Till there's only the tickets and crows 
But the grass will all grow back 
And the branches Spell Alice 
And I belong to you