Creating Notes


You can create new note with taken of menu that is accessible via the tray icon.

Tray Icon Menu

You may create note with the predefined content and caption, see Templates, (New note),  note from a file (Note from a file) or from a clipboard (Note from a clipboard).

If you select the Note from a file choice, then the open dialog appears and you can select all files you want to have as notes or to cancel the action.

Each new note has a predefined size and position on the screen; see Options.

The note is represented by the window with a caption in the left upper corner, buttons in the right upper corner, the move bar between them and the note editor. The note sizing and moving is accessible in the same way as at the normal windows except moving by mouse when you can use the move bar only. The system menu can be invoked by pressing and holding [Alt] and [Spacebar] keys in this order.

Note Window



However Easy Notes are able to take advantage of installed MS Office file filters to load files of types other than rich text format; these filters are not guaranteed to be fully functional with Easy Notes.