Time Synchronization Settings


With taken of this control panel, you can configure additional options for time synchronization, which is described in another chapter.

Time Synchronization Settings

Figure 7.6.1: Time Synchronization Settings

Here you can control whether the time should be synchronized with selected server each start of Easy Time. This is always done with taken of this window. Because the time differences may be to big, here's an option to warn you if the difference overcomes some limit. Pressing the Synchronize Time button only invokes the time synchronization window. Selected time server is always that one who's selected in this window.

Every time a synchronization is performed, there's some network lag affect the accuracy even when with the NTP protocol. Therefore you can specify how much times the selected server will be queried. With reasonably high number you can effectively eliminate the lag, but you may easily violate server's access policy.

Finally you may schedule the time synchronization as any other event. Some applications offer to synchronize time when a network connection is established (e.g. using dial-up modem). In fact they just periodically checks system connections and when new one is available, the synchronization is performed. Therefore if you will schedule Easy Time Synchronization e.g. to repeat each 5 minutes you'll have the same behavior from user's point of view.