Easy Time - Diary with integrated alarm clock and time synchronization

Easy Notes - Intuitive way to manage your notes

Version 4.1 Released!

Everyday we face a number of various tasks we can easily accomplish in comfortable manner using computer and tool like Easy Time is. And without question, the timing of tasks is most important. Time is the domain Easy Time targets at. Intuitive and friendly environment lets you to schedule events to notify you, even via e-mail, at given time, to schedule events to run programs, to diarize, to synchronize time via Internet, and to have view over current time. All in easy and advanced way.

Version 3 released!

In today information age, when everyone works with signification amount information, there's growing call for tools enabling their users to store information handy and yet with comfort. Easy Notes are unique tool that addresses these demands. Easy Notes make the way to easily and effectively manage your notes in e-form. An intuitive and friendly environment lets you to concentrate on work, while it also features many options to configure this tool to exactly match with your needs as much as possible.


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