How it happened?

I lived with my parents in a part of Prague named Jizni Mesto andI regularly met one woman with a beautiful fawn briard.

His name was Gay z Michal (HILL x Brenda von Bonaparte). I have knew that I want dog like he is. I have contacted with a breeder Mr. Krupicka, which had been planning to mate her bitch Brenda to stud dog Cézar Cvirn. But because of Cezar illness this breeding was not realize and so Mr. Krupicka have repeated breeding with Hill. (For my big pleasure!)

So on November 23, 1988 a litter H of kennel Z Michal was born and my first briard HEAD too. Later I decided to buy a female yet.

In a litter from Head´s sister Gracia z Michal (HILL x Brenda von Bonaparte), which was born on November 14, 1990 I choosed a black female AIMÉR TOMPER - Mery (HAXAN .Wurmbach x Gracia z Michal). Head also Mery were brood very soon.



First litter out of AIMÉR was born on May 13, 1993. Every dams and studs have complete teeth and hips dysplasia A or B. We have the same requirements for partners which we choose for our females.