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fotoDear Sirs,

Many thanks for your visit and welcome to my web pages.

I graduated from the Technical University for Machinery in Pilsen and I spent 20 years in the Škoda Works as a translator of technical texts. Now I am working as a private translator and interpreter.

I have been working with English and German, my specialization are technical translations connected with machinery, like drawings, technical specifications, procedures, descriptions, operating instructions etc., as well as all kinds of business correspondence, contracts, prospectuses, presentations and similar translations.

My prices for the translations and interpreting are following:
Interpreting in the Czech Republic160 Kč/hour
Interpreting abroad1500 Kč/day + insurance, as the customer must ensure for his workers, too
Business travels abroad are possible after previous mutual agreement, at least 2 days in advance.
Translation English/German >> Czech160 Kč/standard page
Translation Czech >> English/German 200 Kč/standard page
Translation English/German >> German/English300 Kč/standard page
I make the translations mostly per e-mail, I am sure it is a swift and flexible means of communication. I hope you will find my prices interesting, too.

My help can be useful especially for small companies, whose contact with foreign countries are not very often and therefore they have no language experts of their own, as well as for new established companies, who are still looking for their permanent staff. My help can also be a solution for bigger and long-established companies, having their own workers for the contacts abroad, but there is a short time accumulation of the tasks or an important person fell ill suddenly.

Let your problems be my problems as well!

I can answer your possible questions on my e-mail address red.rose@quick.cz

Thanks for your attention, paid to this information.

Ing. Růžena Vaništová
Karlovarská 117
323 17 Plzeň