The significant monuments of Domazlice district

The largest area of Domazlice district comprises many villages mentioned already in documents dating from AD 1115. From the most valuable monuments are churches the most frequent ones, the noble and municipal architecture may not be found so often.

The oldest church is St. James´Church which was pulled down in 1788. The church, no doubt with a royal border castle, was the heart of the customs and market settlement of Domazlice, which could be found on the well-known pathway in the 10th century. The settlement was situated to the south-east of later royal town, in the neigbourhood of today´s church of U Svatych. The archaeological research, taken place in 1994, confirmed dating of this church back to the middle of the 10th century. Accordingly, it is one of the oldest churches in Western Bohemia.

The Romanesque architecture can be admired in churches e.g. in Bukovec, Blizejov, Horsov, Hlohove and so on. The church in Srbice was built in Romanesque-gothic style.

The leading centre of the Early gothic style is Horsovsky Tyn.
The Gothic style bloomed in the district in the 14th century. The only remarkable example of this style is the chateau of Horsovsky Tyn. We know from documents dating from this period about a large reconstruction of municipal houses in Domazlice and about their amazing decorations. Unfortunately, most of these monuments were destryoed by fire in 1592 and later on in the 17th and 18th century.

The Baroque style came to the district very late and wasn´t as usual as we can think. The baroque architecture can be seen on e.g. St. Adalbertus´Church in Milavce or the chapel of St. John Nepomucky in Chotimer with a remarkable hexagonal ground plan inspired by works of the architects Santini and K.J. Diezenhofer. We can also mention the bridge over the river Radbuza in Bela nad Radbuzou.