"...no one, not even the Pope himself
can erase his noble dynasty
his pattern of behavior"

Information in english

Pattern of Behavior published by Bombaj

Pattern of Behavior is published by new czech publishing e-house Bombaj. You can not listen 30 sec samples from each of songs on the Bombaj, because 30 sec sample is nonsense. But there is four songs (No. 3, 4, 7 and 8) free. (here is free No, 3, 8 and 4 with wideo. You can burn nice deathmetal EP).

After you pay $4 or 4 EURO (a lot of possibilities of internet paying, for example moneybookers, PayPal, VISA, Master Card) you can download the whole CD in AAC 128kbps quality (this file format is good for QuickTime and it is very friendly with iTunes software and iPod) with cover in pdf.

What kind of music Dirae plays

It's pure death-metal, we go to its roots. We mix fast changes of rhythm with insane melodies. We don't use synthesizers nor any other cheap effects, which just try to cover musical impotence. Brutal distotion of guitars is purely valve-made. The lyrics try to be comprehensible as much as possible. Our music is energic. It's not a kind of depressive grunt or crying, which causes only headache. It's demanding to listen. With tenth listening it still doesn't bore, but new nuances come to light. This is blackly, deathly positive music.

What DIRAE stand for

DIRAE: Horrific sign.
Literally "the terrible"; a Latin name for the Furies . The name was mainly used in poetry.

What others said

The whole record makes a good impression as a whole and therefore I would recommend to listen to it to the end each time.

Petricek, Absolute Metalmaniacs

However, it's a little bit more demanding for listening, it's not a simple spbut the more interesting the album is.

Gory, R.U.M. Zine


You can download movie in this versions:

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  MPEG4 - 4.8 MB (320x240)

(Instal QuickTime, if your PC can't play mpeg4)

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