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Is your name Plesek or Pleshek ? Do you know your name origin ?

The interestig family tree of people living in the entire world and descending from the only one ancestor and only one small village called "Obecv.gif (1041 bytes)" - Czech Republic/Central Europe
Nearly assuredly all
Jmenov.gif (954 bytes)´s, Plesek´s and Pleshek´s all over the world have their roots in Hostasovice.

Briefly About Our Clan Name Origin :
The name Jmeno.gif (916 bytes) is frequent and endemic in Obec.gif (959 bytes), with some spreading to the neighboring localities. Note that Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) is the name of 44 from 655 residents in Obec.gif (959 bytes).
Associated Jmeno.gif (919 bytes) / Plesek / Pleshek Pages :
         > Plesek / Pleshek Page containing more details
         > About Hostasovice - the Village of our Origin
         > The Plesek / Pleshek Family Basic Tree verified from chronicles
         > Describing the perilous travels of the first emigrants
         > How Plesek´s name is spread within Czech Republic
         > PLESAK Story
         > How to transcript Czech special characters
         > U.S.A. dead flyers memorial in Palacov
         > VPŠE Frenštát p.R. 1953-1957 - 2007 - 50 let od maturity - fotky

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