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The interestig family tree of people living in the entire world and descending from the only one ancestor and only one small village called "Hostasovice" - Czech Republic/Central Europe

About Plesek/Pleshek Clan Name Origin
The true name of our clan is Jmenoc.gif (916 bytes) (the letter - Sc.gif (847 bytes)- read as -SH-). The same applies to the true name of our ancestral village, Obecc.gif (967 bytes). Note, that woman´s name in Czech discern from that of the male´s by the ending _ovac.gif (875 bytes). Thus Mrs. Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) does not exist here, she is Pleskovc.gif (940 bytes).
History and etymology: Beginning 17th century all Austrian citizens ( Bohemia and Moravia were parts of the Austrian Empire at that time) were forced to accept permanent family names, either chosen by themselves or suggested by the community representatives, or by the relevant priest, etc. They were usually derived of some characteristic feature of the head of the family, or of his profession, deficiency or other typical feature. In our case it was the inclination of the males to become bald-headed pretty early. The noun " Jmeno.gif (916 bytes)" in Czech means "bald head". This feature still persists among the descendants living in Obec.gif (959 bytes), and possibly elsewhere. They are exceptions of course, due to genetic compensation on the maternal lineage - not in my case. Nearly all of my relatives were more or less true Jmenos.gif (932 bytes) in the original sense.
Of course, all ancestors have had several congeners, so the true tree is more branched and even twiggy. Thus my great grandfather was one of five, my grandfather was one of five as well, my father one of six. It was apparently quite similar within US branches.
The name Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) is frequent and endemic in Obec.gif (959 bytes), with some spreading to the neighboring localities, as are e.g. Hodslavice, Stranik.gif (909 bytes), Stjicin.gif (970 bytes), Okres.gif (961 bytes) etc., but it does not belong to the current names in the whole Republic. For instance all Jmenos.gif (937 bytes) living in Praha descend of the ancestors born in Obec.gif (959 bytes).
The list of Jmenos.gif (932 bytes) living in Praha (The Capital of the Czech Republic) :
Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) Brian, Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) Jiri, Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) Jaromir, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Alzbeta, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Alzbeta (2nd), Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Anna, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Eva, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Helena, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Magda, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Marie, Pleskova.gif (936 bytes) Michaela. Note that Jmeno.gif (911 bytes) is the name of 44 from 655 residents in Obec.gif (959 bytes).
Nearly assuredly it is presumed that all Jmeno.gif (916 bytes)s, Pleseks and Plesheks all over the world have their roots in Obec.gif (959 bytes).

About the Village of our Origin
Czech Republic : almost 80 000 km2, 10.3 million inhabitants, the true center of Europe.
Countries: "Bohemia, Moravia,Silesia".
Suburb of the district town Okres.gif (961 bytes) (cca 7 km distant) in the north-eastern quater of "Moravia", 18.01° East,49,42° North.
Brief Obec.gif (967 bytes) commune history

According to a legend, the foundation of Hostasovice village is dated around 1249. A bird-catcher called Hostasa was a warden of Hradisko fortress that was a property of the Stary Jicin castle and at that time he settled near to the Hrazka creek. A plantation and afterwards a wood-village has been founded that belonged to Stary Jicin manor. In 1749 the trustee of Stary Jicin castle promoted the previous wood-village to the self-dependent commune. Hostasovice obtained the right to use a seal with the sign of crossed dew-rake and flail. The community was living itself till 1978 when it became a part of Novy Jicin town. In 1991 Hostasovice became again to be a self-dependent commune and this conversion enabled its perspicuous development.
More information about Obec.gif (967 bytes) in english and pictures.
Additional information about Hostasovice in English  Beskydy-Valachia ,    in Czech   Beskydy-Valassko   or   Travel Atlas    or    Wikipedia 

Where Jmenosvh.gif (980 bytes)   in Czech Republic live ?
There are more than 96,000 variations of Czech surnames. Some surnames are more common but the majority of them is rare and these names are connected with few families only. First twenty frequent surnames cover about 7 per cent of total population and first 100 surnames belong to 17 per cent of all Czech population.
In accordance to the official records there are altogether 159 male and 239 female Jmenos.gif (937 bytes) living within the whole Czech Republic nowadays and this name is the 5,285st in the order of occurence.
Do you want to know how Jmenos.gif (937 bytes) name is spread within Czech Republic ?

The Basic Family Tree
The Basic Family Tree verified from the country and village chronicles.

Pilgrims for Hope
Sailing ships plied their trade between Europe and America carrying wood, tobacco and cotton from American and Canadian ports. After the ships were unloaded, emigrants began to be a return cargo in the 1830s. 200,000 emigrants left Liverpool for America in 1850. After the 1850s the ports of Bremen and Hamburg offered better travel conditions and were more accessible for European emigrants. Sailing ships gave way to steam ships and the journey was shortened to 14 days in the 1870s. By 1900 this was further reduced to 8 days.
Describing the perilous travels of the first emigrants equipped with only the most necessary clothes and personal items stored in a small wooden case.

Some of Pleshek´s descend from Plesakv.gif (985 bytes)
PLESAK STORY - How I hunted Pleshek´s but caught Plesak´s
History and Family Tree Outlines of Jakub Plesakh.gif (925 bytes) and his Family

Czech special characters
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