The South Bohemian Teachers Choir was formed in 1963 from students and graduates of the Secondary School of Education in Prachatice.

From the outset, the choir worked with professional musicians: soloists, instrumentalists and composers. It quickly gained a reputation across Suthern Bohemia and throughout the whole of the then Czechoslovakia. Since 1994 it has been based at the Bishop's Grammar School in Budweis whereupon men's voices were added.

The Choir has performed in most European countries and has partaken in many radio and television broadcasts in the Czech Republic as well as in Switzerland and Germany. They have released two gramophone records and in 1997 in Holland, participated in a third. The artistic quality of the choir has been widely praised in many competitions and festivals. In 1975 at the International Choral Festival in The Hague, they gained first prize.
The bulk of their repertoire consists of lyrical and meditative music, as befits the nature of the choir. The choir performs renaissance polyphony, romantic and contemporary works as well as arrangemenrs of folk music and spirituals. Many Czech composers, such as Lukáš, Hanuš and Koníček, have written works specifically for the choir.
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