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A.Tom.X is a one man electro style dance music project based in the Czech Republic. Howgh ....


My tracks
Since I have limited space on the server, the presented songs are only lower quality real audio samples. But they present a selection of my studio work during past two years. I do not play one style so you can find here garage, house, d´n´b, trance as well as EBM. I welcome any oppinions (of course especially positive....) or proposals for cooperation.

g2.gif STAY Two-step track
g2.gif OYE COMO VA ( A.Tom.X Club Edit) Remix of Tito Puente´s song - latino house
g2.gif Friday 69 House & Garage mixture with my lovely vocal
g2.gif 2 STEP UNDERGROUND Trance Two-step


Here you can see my studio equipment (I have already sold some of these machines). The central control unit is PC - actually an ASUS TUSL-2C, Intel Pentium III 1 GHz, 256 Mb RAM (512 Mb soon), 40 Gb HDD ATA-100 (The AMD based system with VIA chipset I had to sold was absolutely useless for the audio - do not believe the computer magazines as I did ! AMD is an office or gamer´s solution nothing else !). The computer is equipped with Terratec EWX 24/96 recording card, Yamaha Soundforce (PCI audio card used as a secondary MIDI interface and CV trig for Korg Polysix´s arpeggiator) and MIDI-Quest Note-1 LPT MIDI interface (Total 48 MIDI channels). CD-ROM BTC 40x + CDRW Philips 4x. There are two displays connected Nokia 17´ flat Trinitron and ADI Pro Vista 15´. The VGA adapters are ATI All In Wonder 128 (with TV tuner) and ATI Rage 3D+. SCSI Interface Tekram DC-365 for the Communication with Kurzweil K-2000 and external SCSI devices (Toshiba CD-ROM, Iomega ZIP drive 100 Mb). Anyway there is also USB free for some other devices ....

BEHRINGER EURORACK MX-2004A 20 channel mixing console
BEHRINGER DSP-1200 Virtualizer PRO dual engine effect processor
CASIO FZ-1 digital sampling synthesizer (sold - unfortunately)
COMMODORE ZODIAQ VI 32 3D ISA audio card - used as a MIDI interface only
CRUMAR PERFORMER string and brass synthesizer
DIGITECH GSP-7 guitar processor/preamp
DOEPFER Pocket Control 16 knob MIDI controller
GUILLEMOT MAXI STUDIO ISIS homerecording PCI card (sold)
IBANEZ AD-202 multi mode analog delay
KAWAI K-1 II digital synthesizer (sold - thanxx god)
KAWAI G-Mega digital synthesizer module (sold - thanxx god too)
KORG EX-8000 programmable polyphonic synthe module
KORG PS-6 Polysix programmable polyphonic synthesizer
KURZWEIL K-2000 S V.A.S.T. sampling synthesizer
MUSIC QUEST Note-1 LPT-1 MIDI interface
ROLAND ALPHA JUNO-1 synthesizer
ROLAND XP-50 expandable synthesizer workstation (sold - JV-1080 would be fine)
ROLAND SVC-350 rack mountable vocoder
ROLAND MT-32 sound module (sold - fortunately)
ROLAND JX-3P + PG-200 analog synthesizer
SENNHEISER HD-230 headphones
SHURE SM-48 dynamic microphone
TERRATEC EWX 24/96 PCI recording card
TURTLE BEACH MONTEGO PCI audio card (sold - did not work with my new PC)
VERMONA SYNTHESIZER analogue synthesizer made in GDR
YAMAHA DX-7 digital algorythm synthesizer
YAMAHA TX-81z digital algorythm synthesizer module


The equipment I will be looking for in very next future.....if I have money....

MIDIMAN Delta 44 Audio recording card
MIDIMAN Sportman 4 x 4 USB MIDI interface
ALESIS Monitor One Monitors
E-mu Systems Procussion Drum module
Clavia Micro Modular Virtual analog
Kawai K-5000 R Digital synth

After the little research I did the C-16 seems to be the best gear on the market. It is not too expensive as some larger Doepfer beasts and it is fully prepared for my EX-8000 and TX-81z. E-mu Procussion is a "must-have" expander for all electro producers. Compared with other PCM based drum computers and expanders the sound quality is absolutely unique (Emulator library). Clavia Micro modular is a nice little virtual analog with top sound (the sound is harder than Novation Supernova or Access Virus). Kawai K-5000 was a real surprise for me. I heard it three or four years ago for the first time and the presets were horrible. Stupid PCM based patches with digital filter sounds like Kawai K-4. Since I had no time and opportunity to try the editation I was realy disgusted. Now I´ve tried one in the second hand shop and it is a bomb!!! The presets are crap still, but user sounds are incredible. It has formant filters and additive waves which makes the synth unique on the market. The sound is cold, digital and cosmic. I have never heard such cool pads. It is a great complement to the analog beasts because of its complete differency !!! Anyway I need also Acces Virus (prefferable Indigo version - the best virtual analogue - in my comparison it beats Novation Supernova) and Akai S-2000 - I do not want to use my Kurzweil K-2000 as a sampling device - it is not so easy and I prefer its great synthesizer engine. The Akai is quite straightforward and the DA converters have the famous Akai feeling best for house music. Editation with MESA software makes the S-2000 realy comfortable (the small display seems to be here a kind of stupid joke more than serious thing).


A realy bad picture of my studio presented here is now replaced with two better snaps


Here you can find Yamaha FM synthesizers page called DX SYNTHS it is dedicated to all FM synthesis freaks. It is more or less complete listing of all FM synths made by Yamaha during 80ths with short description of features and available pictures.


Are you looking for free downloadable dance music?
See the cool pages listed here!
My favourite music could be found on these pages. As a New York Underground house music fan I present here some links to probably best downloads on the net I found during last few years of surfing. Well and some Underworld pages must be here too. Since it is easy to download LP tracks from AUDIOGALAXY or buy them in the each music store, the presented links is a source of rare live acts, because Underworld concert is a real hell .....or heaven?! Orbital official page is realy good place to see, especially thanks to lot of video mpegs, including the live acts. Björk - an unofficial page with links, videos and audio. Depeche Mode - old love does not die. Trance Addict seems to be good source for trance DJ sets in high quality mp3 - but be careful everything is pretty big to download. Versus Zone is a funny French page presenting some bootlegs of Stardust, Funkstar De-Luxe and other dance projects. The songs are stored in some strange formats like *.avi or *.pdf so you have to rename it as a *.mp3. Check also Ibiza Zone, House Zone, Dance Zone and Techno Zone available via this link. Heavy Weight Sound a must see page for all garage fans. MPHEADS is an alternative for some closed mp3 search engines. It´s free of stupid advertisment and it works !!! You have to rename the downloaded files to *.mp3.

LOOPZ - ORBITAL official website with videos, remixes, etc.
DARK EPIC - UNDERWORLD SITE - OLD live mp3s, pictures, etc.
DARK EPIC - UNDERWORLD SITE - NEW live mp3s, pictures, etc.
KING OF SNAKE live mp3s, pictures, etc.
DUNK PHENOMENA French house music page with great links to pages with tons of DJ mixes in ra
SPIRIT OF HOUSE house mixes with playlists
CZECH TECHNO Czech DJ mixes in mp3 - some of them are good (but be careful - Techno Inside)
AUDIO - D.J.Mixes real audio mixes
NORTHERN BASE Two step, garage
HEAVYSOUND Two step, garage
BJÖRK The voice of Iceland
DEPECHE MODE Black Celebration ... Exciter Tour 2001 Included !!!
TRANCE ADDICT DJ Mixes in mp3 (Paul Van Dyk, Digweed at Homelands, Judge Jules,..)
YELLORANGE Tony Humphries page
DEEP HOUSE PAGE Actually 574 Mixes for free download
SPEEDGARAGE Deeeee.......p bass inside
GOTTA HAVE HOUSE House music is a spiritual thing
VERSUS ZONE everybody versus everybody ... the bootlegs
HEAVY WEIGHT SOUND top 2-step UK garage mixes and tracks incl. Artful Dodger, MJ Cole,...
MPHEADS free mp3 archive
IBIZA CLUB 2 free mp3 dj sets (Paul Van Dyk, Antena)
MIXED.NET browse many different styles (download mp3 or listen ra)
TrA-xXx 10 free trance mp3s
MUSIC BOX A lot of shit inside but also some good tracks (Ozric Tentacles, Orbital, ...)
SP!N ON-LINE Madonna get remixed
LIVESETS.NL Live DJ sets (including BBC-1 "Essential Mixes") in mp3g2.gif
NEKOSITE The Prodigy live audio and videog2.gif
CLUBBER.SK Check out the Slovakian Clubbing page (Some cool dance tracks for download) g2.gif
ROSE 2000 Funky, Jazzy and Deep (try also the links) g2.gif
DJ FACE Czech independent dance projects g2.gif

... tested on humans ( some rock fans died in a terrible cramps ) ... and more links will come soon ...

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